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Loving that shows, exhibitions and events are back!

Welcome to our July 2022 issue of Channel Magazine. A real mid-winter issue, as I am writing this in late June the temperatures have plummeted. But as my good friend Simon Gundry says, the longest day is behind us and summer is on its way once again.

I am looking forward to Takapuna Winter Lights in Takapuna at the end of July. The two nights last year were fantastic and really brought the town centre alive. As you will read in our cover feature this has been extended to four nights this year with excellent support from the TBBA, Auckland Unlimited and generous sponsors.
Takapuna Winter Lights fits very well with our big focus in this issue on Arts and Entertainment. This is a sector that has done it tough over the Covid-19 period. It’s great to see shows, exhibitions and events coming back and we highlight many of them in this issue. We also talk to some key people in this Arts and Entertainment space on the Shore about the challenges and their plans ahead.
Feature writer Heather Barker Vermeer is keen on her sport having a very promising cricketing son, and has done an interesting piece on Devonport’s Jock McKenzie. The born and bred Devo youngster recently made his debut at first five for the Blues in Super Rugby and is also one of the country's most promising cricketers. Being mad on both these sports myself I enjoyed reading Heather's article immensely. It will be interesting to see young Jock's progression in coming years.
It will be no secret to readers that I admire the work that my fellow local board member Toni van Tonder does in the community and as an elected member. I have taken the opportunity to formalise my own plans come election-time 2022 in the interview I have done with Toni for this issue about the Fresh Approach team for 2022. There’s no doubt who I will be voting for in October!
I trust you will enjoy these features and all the other content that's in your July Channel Magazine.
Have a great July. Noho ora mai.

Aidan Bennett, QSM
Publisher, Channel Magazine
Founder & MD, Benefitz
Email: aidan@benefitz.co.nz