• Aidan Bennett and Simon Gundry celebrating the 100th issue of Channel Magazine in early July.
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It just keeps getting better!

Welcome to our August 2019 issue of Channel Magazine. Our 101st and a wonderful 148 pages of good positive reading about the Shore and its people.

We celebrated our 100th issue in style in early July, but there is no time to rest on our laurels as putting out this free 130 to 150 page magazine every month is a big effort. On that note I am thrilled with this August issue, another bumper one - it feels like it just keeps getting better.
As you can see by our cover, in this issue I have done a feature on local company Legacy Property. When you travel around the world and see the proliferation of apartment living, you realise that this is inevitable in Auckland and in our home patch – particularly Takapuna. So if it is going to happen, it needs to be done well. It looks to me that Gary Gordon and his Legacy team are doing things well with their ethos around their ‘rethinking.space’ initiative. And they are very much all living the life themselves. I was keen to highlight it for Channel Mag readers.
Father’s Day is on Sunday September 1st this year so we thought it was timely for us to have a chat with local dads who are doing special things in the community. Christine Young has done great features with two wonderful fathers, James Mackay and Evan Christian.
Kristin School welcomed their new Executive Principal Mark Wilson at the start of term three. I had the pleasure of doing a one-on-one interview with Mark in mid-July as he was just moving into his new office at our wonderful local independent school in Albany. I came away thinking that the Kristin board has done a great job in recruiting their new leader.
The North Shore is a great environment and community for senior folk to live in. There is possibly no better in New Zealand. In our ‘Ageing Well’ feature we talk to prominent local people with a zest for life about their wellbeing, and how they keep their mind and body positive and active.
Finally, an apology from our ‘award-winning’ columnist Simon Gundry. Simon has been keeping his mind and body active this month on holiday in Arizona. This was all I got for his column… Gundry’s Grumbles roving columnist has been honing his investigative skills on holiday, and won’t be back in time to meet the deadline for this month’s column. After dancing the night away at the 100th issue of Channel Magazine celebrations, and months of toiling in the trenches on building sites around the City, he needed a short break to recoup. He’ll be back with his landing gear down and grumbling away next month – as he said in last month’s column, there’s plenty to comment on.
LOL! Happy reading.

Aidan Bennett, QSM
Publisher, Channel Magazine
Founder & Managing Director, Benefitz