• The Channel Magazine team alongside the big numbers produced by the Benefitz team featuring all 100 covers of Channel Magazine since 2010. From left; Kim McIntosh (Advertising/Content); Christine Young (Editorial/Advertising); Nikki Davidson (Advertising/Content); Tanya Rotherham (Advertising/Content); Aidan Bennett (Publisher); Crystal Sharp (Designer); Lizzie Speedy-Willis (Social Media Specialist).
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Celebrating 100 issues!

Editorial from July 2019 issue of printed Channel Magazine...

As you can see by our vibrant cover, this is our 100th issue of Channel Magazine. Something to be really proud of.

We started the magazine back in mid-2010, responding to the desire of many to have a quality publication for the North Shore that concentrated on highlighting all that’s good in our wonderful community north of the Harbour Bridge.
That initial issue was 72 pages and we printed 17,500 copies. We can be hugely satisfied that issue 100 is 152 pages and 36,500 copies have been printed and will be distributed this month.
Channel Magazine has certainly been a success. It has not made us wealthy, but it washes its face – which is business speak that means it pays for itself. What it is though, in a big way, is good for our overall business and good for our community.
For me personally, the magazine gives me a real buzz. Every month it takes me out into the community talking to all sorts of people – which is good for me, and good for our wider business.
When we launched the magazine I shared the hard initial work with my sister-in-law Ulla (Bennett) who was recognised as “The Channel Lady” for the first three years. Then Heather Barker Vermeer came on board and was with us for seven years, editing the magazine for 50-60 of the 100 issues. Another constant for many years has been our fantastic graphic designer Crystal Sharp, whom I’m guessing has done 50-60 issues – including our 100th. She’s a machine! There have been many others who have contributed to our goal of producing a quality monthly magazine that celebrates the Shore. Thank you to you all.
Importantly, we need to say a big thanks to the business community on the Shore who have backed Channel Magazine from day one. As you will read in this issue, many of our progressive business people bought into our concept 10 years ago and have stayed the distance. A big thanks to all our loyal advertisers.
Finally, the neat thing about this magazine is it is still as relevant as it was in mid-2010 when we kicked off. We are not standing still though. As well as this quality printed magazine, you will find all this content online at
www.channelmag.co.nz and we are very active on many social media channels as well. So up to 100,000 readers in print now and many others online from all over the world.
Happy reading!

Aidan Bennett, QSM
Publisher, Channel Magazine
Founder & Managing Director, Benefitz