• Nicole Harvey, The Polish Studio.

The Polish Studio adds a touch of luxury in Mairangi Bay

Mairangi Bay Village People

Nicole Harvey is co-owner of small but perfectly formed The Polish Studio. She shares how they love to help you feel more polished and elegant.

When and why you did you start this business?
We opened our doors in 2018 after seeing there was a demand for a high-quality nail studio on the North Shore. One that delivered results and gave memorable experiences. It's our mission to help you feel your best everyday with moments of luxury.

How would you describe what is special and unique about it? 
The Polish Studio offers a wide range of services from the most natural-looking nails through to stepping your nail game up a notch with The Polish Studio’s nail enhancements and extensions to create the most elegant and feminine look. It's our job to make sure you feel well polished at all times. Our team are the very best qualified nail artists who will give you, our clients, results that are second to none.

What gives you the greatest buzz?
Pushing ourselves to create the most amazing nail art. Experiencing our clients' nail transformations, and the excitement and confidence they have within themselves as they leave our doors looking fresh, feeling fierce and back in time for their daily hustle.

What is your number one tip for anyone starting a business?
We feel that the difference between people that succeed in business and those that struggle is ‘doing it’. If you are passionate and committed to your purpose, don’t just dream about it: take action and start. Surround yourself with honest, educated people that will give you advice. Never stop learning!

What do you love about Mairangi Bay Village?
Exactly that! It’s a village community. People come to Mairangi Bay from far and wide for that community feel. Mairangi Bay has been our home for more than 30 years. Some of the people have changed but the heart of the village has remained.

Tell us what’s happening in the clinic during November. 
November really starts to heat up for The Polish Studio. This month we are running a ‘refer a friend’ promotion. Tell your friend how much you love The Polish Studio and when your friend books an appointment and mentions your name, both you and your friend will receive $10 off your next service. PLUS, go in the draw to win a free Gel Manicure.

Please sum up your business in one sentence.
"A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants."

Issue 104 November 2019