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Taste of Takapuna 2021 Peoples' Choice Awards

Support local and vote for your favourite local bars and eateries by November 14th

The good folks of the Takapuna Beach Business Association do a great job assisting businesses in the precinct. It is no secret that hospitality and retail businesses will be doing it tough at this time so more than ever they need us to ‘do it local’. It is timely therefore, as we come out of lockdown, that the TBBA is launching their annual Taste of Takapuna ‘Peoples' Choice Awards’ – encouraging locals to support and recognise their favourite places in Takapuna to eat, drink and indulge.

Through until Sunday November 14th you can vote for your favourite hospitality business, in the Taste of Takapuna 2021 Peoples' Choice Awards.
“We want you to show our support for all the amazing hospitality businesses in Takapuna,” says TBBA CEO Terence Harpur. “This is your opportunity to share the love, by indulging in their delicious offerings and nominating your favourite eateries in Takapuna. After lockdown they definitely need our support for both their take-out and eat-in options.”
There are six categories in the Taste of Takapuna 2021 Peoples' Choice Awards. These are for the Best Café, Best Restaurant, Best Takeaway, Best Drinks, Best Coffee and Best Sweet Treat. You can nominate any business in Takapuna that you think should win each category.
Once voting closes, the votes will be tallied and the winning businesses will be announced and recognised via the TBBA website and Channel Magazine.
“We are also giving away prizes to some lucky voters as a thank you for showing your support,” adds Terence Harpur. “We will be giving away $500, $250 and $100 Takapuna dining vouchers to three lucky voters as part of the promotion.”
Another great reason from the Takapuna Beach Business Association to support local!

For more information on how to vote and enter visit: www.ilovetakapuna.co.nz (also, see our list of Takapuna Beach bars and eateries included with this feature – there are apparently well over 100 in total).

The best of takeaways in Takapuna

As we were preparing this issue Auckland was dropping down from Covid-19 Level 4 to Level 3 – with the hope that Level 2 and 1 were also not too far away. So hopefully, as you read this, we are all now able to dine-in at our favourite Takapuna Beach eateries. Best Takeaway is a category to vote for in the Taste of Takapuna 2021 Peoples' Choice Awards. We have taken this opportunity to highlight some of our favourite takeaway food deliciousness in Takapuna…

1. CRISPY FU – from TUCKS AND BAO – This crunchy and juicy plant-based delight comes in Tucks and Bao’s signature soft and tasty bao. Featuring crispy tofu, slaw, peanuts, and dairy-free sriracha mayo, it’s a flavour slam. About half of Tucks and Bao’s menu is vegan, and there’s meaty options for those of you hankering for pork, chicken and beef. Pickup and delivery.
2. CRISPY PORK HOCK “PATA” – from NANAM - Pata is a popular Filipino pork dish that’s crispy, crunchy goodness. It’s got that perfect pork skin you’ve been trying to master at home, and it comes with chorizo and basil sauce and a spicy soy dip that just set it off like magic. Pickup and delivery.
3. DIM SUM – from FLYING HORSE TAKAPUNA - We’d love to be more specific, but there’s so much to choose from on the Flying Horse dim sum menu, and it’s all good stuff. All kinds of dumplings, BBQ Pork Buns, and Custard Buns or Crispy Milk Buns with Condensed Milk to finish off. Flying Horse does a mean trade in fried noodles, soups and rice dishes, too. Pickup and delivery.
4. BUFALINA – from DANTE’S - Purists will tell you the only true pizza is margherita, and the only true margherita is made with buffalo mozzarella. You’d struggle to find a Kiwi pizza that’s more authentic than this certified Napoletana-style pizza at Dante’s. Pickup.
5. THE BACH DADDY – from THE BURGER BACH - This is The Burger Bach’s signature speciality. Pure untamed greatness packed in a bun: two beef patties, hash brown, bacon, cheese, salad and special sauce. Bonus points for visiting The Burger Bach Facebook page for a lockdown meme giggle-fest. Pickup and delivery.
6. FAMILY FEED – from BIRD ON A WIRE - Whether you’ve got a hungry pack to feed, or you’re a bubble of one, this is an epic feast that can’t be missed. Bird on a Wire’s speciality is chicken, and they do it veeeery well. Smash it all in one excellent family dinner, or spread it out over a couple of days of bingeing Netflix and the Bloomfield Show. We don’t judge. Pickup and delivery.
7. INSALATA CAPRESE – from BOTICELLI RESTAURANT AND WINE BAR - Sadly live music is still off the menu for now, but you can still have Botticelli’s bellissimo Italian food live in your living room! Insalata Caprese is a classic triumvirate of fresh Italian flavours: mozzarella, tomato and basil. Pickup and delivery.
8. DOLMA – from SAM’S MEDITERRANEAN EATERY & FOOD STORE - If you haven’t tried Sam’s Stuffed Capsicum (Dolma), there’s no better time than now. These colourful baked parcels are a bit of an art form, stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants and aromatic herbs. Pickup and delivery.
9. COFFEE AND A CAKE – from ZOMER CAFÉ – Zomer does so many things right. They’ve got full, beautiful meals on offer but sometimes it’s just about the simple things done right: real, quality barista coffee and a really yummy treat to take with you. Pickup.

Takapuna Beach Cafes, Bars & Eateries… 8848 Restaurant & Bar (Huron Street), www.8848indiancuisine.co.nz or Phone 09 489 9911 • Alforno Italian Restaurant (Anzac Street), www.alforno.co.nz or 09-488-0179 • Aubergine Restaurant (Hurstmere Road), www.aubergine.co.nz or Phone 09 489 3104 • Basu Lounge Dumpling & Noodle House (Lake Road) • Bian Sushi & Donburi (Hurstmere Green), www.biansushi.co.nz or Phone 09 489 5711 • Big Tikka (Lake Road), www.bigtikka.co.nz or Phone 09 974 2241 • Bird on a Wire (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road) www.birdonawire.co.nz • Botticelli Restaurant (Anzac Street) www.botticelli.co.nz or Phone 021 910 999 • Buns and Rolls Asian Street Eatery (Shore City), www.shore-city.co.nz • Burger Burger (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road), www.burgerburger.co.nz or Phone 09 390 5348 • Cafe Botannix Takapuna (Hurstmere Road, Phone 09 218 5757 • Cafe Etage (Shore City), www.shore-city.co.nz • Catnapper Arms (Hurstmere Road), www.catnapperarms.co.nz or Phone 09 486 6330 • Centro Cafe (Lake Road), Phone 09 200 2277 • Daikoku (Bruce Mason Centre Building), www.daikoku.co.nz or Phone 09-488-0678 • Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ (Auburn Street), Phone 09-488 0012 • Dantes Pizza & Casa Pasta (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road), www.dantes.co.nz or Phone 09 486 3668 • DoDo Sushi & Donburi (Lake Road), Phone 09 488 7527 • El Humero (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road), www.elhumero.co.nz or Phone 09 489 9973 • Fatimas (Anzac Street), www.fatimas.co.nz or Phone 09 489 6552 • Florrie McGreals Irish Pub (Hurstmere Road), www.florriemcgreals.co.nz or Phone 09 486 6330 • Francs Bar & Diner (Main Beach, The Strand), www.joylab.co.nz or Phone 09 488 0016 • Hell Pizza Takapuna (Byron Avenue), www.hellpizza.com or Phone 09 445 6660 • Honey Cafe (Huron Street), www.honeycafe.co.nz or Phone 09 489 4000 • House of Chocolate Dessert Cafe & Cakery (Hurstmere Road), www.houseofchocolate.co.nz or Phone 09 975 0632 • Jam Organic Cafe (Hurstmere Green), Phone 09-486 1600 • Joe’s Eatery (Hurstmere Road), www.joeseatery.co.nz or Phone 09 486 1989 • Katsubi Donburi Takapuna (Lake Road) • Korean Myeong Dong (Lake Road), Phone 09 488 0600 • Kyoto Japanese (Shore City) • Kyo-Ya Japanese Restaurant (Lake Road), www.kyoya.co.nz or Phone 09 489 2312 • Leaf & Loaf Cafe & Salad Bar (Hurstmere Road), Phone 09-489 7866 • Little Lamb Hotpot (Hurstmere Road) Phone 09 222 2737 • Madam Woo (Lake Road), www.madamwoo.co.nz or Phone 09 489 4601 • Majestic Tea Bar (Shore City), www.shore-city.co.nz or Phone 09 486 0642 • Mamak Malaysian Street Food(Huron/Northcroft Streets), www.mamaktakapuna.co.nz or Phone 09 486 0122 • Manna Sushi & Don (Lake Road), Phone 09 489 7775 • Mexico (McKenzies Precinct, The Strand), www.mexico.net.nz or Phone 09 489 6781 • Mimosa Coffee & Eatery, Phone 09 486 2020 • Nam Nam Vietnamese Street Food (Huron Street) www.namnam.nz or Phone 09 488 0055 • Nanam (Hurstmere Road), nanam.co.nz or Phone 09 488 9976 • Nikko’s Pizza (Anzac Street), www.nikospizza.co.nz or Phone 09 486 0600 • Noodle Canteen Takapuna (Lake Road), www.noodlecanteen.co.nz or Phone 09 489 1680 • Oporto (Lake Road) Phone 09 218 8734 • Otto Woo (Lake Road), www.ottowootakapuna.co.nz or Phone 09 488 0388 • Otto’s Mediterranian Kitchen (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road), www.ottoskitchen.co.nz or Phone 09 486 0705 • Poke Poke Takapuna (Eat Street, Hurstmere Road), Phone 486-5399 • QMT Dumplings (Lake Road), www.qmtdumplings.co.nz • Ragazzi Cafe & Wine Bar (Hurstmere Road) Phone 09 486 5033 • Ramen Lab Takapuna (Huron Street), www.ramenlab.co.nz or Phone 09 489 9902 • Regatta Bar & Eatery (Main Beach, The Strand), www.joylab.co.nz, or Phone 09 488 0040 • Renkon Takapuna (Anzac Street), www.renkon.nz or Phone 09 488 7737 • Richoux Patisserie Takapuna (Lake Road), Phone 09-489 9903 • Sake Bar Nippon (Anzac Street), www.sakebar.co.nz or Phone 09 486 2249 • Sals Pizza (The Strand), www.sals.co.nz or Phone 09 487 4257  • Sam’s Mediterranean Eatery & Food Store (Hurstmere Road), www.sams86.co.nz or Phone 09 486 3586 •Seven Hills Turkish Eatery (The Strand), www.sevenhills.co.nz or Phone 09 486 5550 • Delight Sushi Takapuna (Parkway Arcade, Hurstmere Road) Phone 021 448 953 •  Sushi Ya (Hurstmere Road) Phone 09 488 0566 • SmokePit & Buoy Restaurant (Spencer on Byron Hotel) www.smokepit.co.nz or Phone 09 916 4982 • Street Organics (Byron Ave), www.streetorganics.co.nz or Phone  09 216 5991 • Takapuna Bar (Hurstmere Roundabout), www.takapuna-bar.co.nz or Phone 09 486 2666 • Takapuna Beach Cafe (The Promenade),  www.takapunabeachcafe.co.nz or Phone 09 484 0002 • Tank Juice (Shore City & Hurstmere Road), www.tankjuice.co.nz • Taylors on Hurstmere (Hurstmere Road),  www.taylorsonhurstmere.co.nz or Phone 09 489 9510 • Thai Takapuna (Hurstmere Road), www.thaitakapuna.co.nz or Phone 09 973 4259 • That Cafe (Byron Ave), Phone 09-930 0598 • The Burger Bach (The Strand), www.theburgerbach.co.nz or Phone 09 963 6446 • The Coop (Hurstmere Road), www.the-coop.co.nz or Phone 09 218 9354 • The Elephant Wrestler (Hurstmere Road), www.joylab.co.nz or Phone 09 489 8030 • The Lantern Chinese (Shore City), www.shore-city.co.nz • The Plumm Cafe (Hurstmere Road), Phone 09489 5563 • Tok Tok Kitchen (Hurstmere Road Roundabout), www.toktok.co.nz or Phone 09 489 3988 • Tokyo Bay (Main Beach, The Strand), www.tokyobay.co.nz or Phone 09 390 7188 • Tucks & Bao (Hurstmere Road), www.tucksandbao.co.nz or Phone 09 486 1615 • Winner Winner Takapuna (Anzac Street), www.winnerwinner.co.nz or Phone 09 486 0755 • Zomer Cafe (The Strand), www.zomer.co.nz or Phone 09 488 7594.