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Sex, Botox, Hormones and Skin Care

– Dr Cat 's new Takapuna business

When people talk about natural-looking cosmetic medicine results, one pioneering leader usually comes to mind – Dr Catherine Stone of The Face Place. Dr Cat is known for her bold statement, “I believe one of the biggest things this industry needs to learn is to say ‘NO’!” and her passion for using Botox, dermal fillers and Platelet-Rich Plasma to help men and women live more fulfilling lives.

After the success of their flagship clinic in Britomart, Dr Cat and her high performing team made the decision to build a second prestigious clinic in Takapuna. Neatly tucked above the Department Store, The Face Place Takapuna offers privacy and professionalism, and a caring team you can trust.

It’s true what they say: bad Botox is talked about, good Botox is invisible. The only people who should notice the difference are the clinician and the client. Most of The Face Place’s clients comment that people often ask “Have you recently been on holiday?”– for the Face Place, that’s a measure of success.

People fly from all over the country to visit the team who have been awarded ‘Best Aesthetic Practice New Zealand’ by MFMB three years in a row, and were inaugural winners in the MFMB’s ‘Hall Of Fame’.

The clinic’s focus on holistic beauty is delivered across three wings of the clinic:  cosmetic injectables provided by highly trained doctors and nurses; medical skin care delivered by advanced skin therapists;  and nutritional support, with their globally recognised nutritionist,  Jessica Giljam Brown (@WellnessByJessica).

The Takapuna clinic is unique in having a dermatology-trained doctor, medical skin therapists and a holistic nutritionist working together under one roof, giving a cohesive approach to skin concerns such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. No more running around with different opinions from different specialists - the team at The Face Place can liaise directly with each other about your care plan, to ensure you get the best possible results.

The Face Place started as the first clinic in New Zealand completely focused on Botox in 2001, and since the beginning has had a reputation for being industry innovators who provide great patient care, excellent education, and beautiful natural-looking results – where you still look like you! You may have seen Dr Cat (@drcatstone) on TV or in magazines, and she was one of the key experts in the popular TV Show ‘Ten Years Younger’.

While demand for The Face Place treatments is growing as the stigma around these services reduces, one of the biggest trends in growth is the demand for sexual rejuvenation treatments.

Home to the global trainers for the O-Shot and the P-Shot, The Face Place is empowering men and women across Australasia to take back control of their bodies. As a female-dominated team, the ladies at The Face Place are the first to speak out about how age, childbirth and illness have all changed the way our intimate parts look, feel and work. Their sexual rejuvenation treatments use PRP, the healing parts of your own blood, to rejuvenate the tissue, restoring sensations, improving a leaky bladder or urinary incontinence, increasing lubrication and reducing painful sex. When combined with advice on how to balance hormones with @wellnessbyjessica, sex becomes more enjoyable and libido can increase. By treating your leaky bladder, you no longer have to feel embarrassed or anxious when you cough, sneeze or have to exercise.

If you’d like to find out more about how cosmetic treatments, medical skin care, holistic nutrition, or sexual rejuvenation could help you, book online at www.thefaceplace.co.nz. Mention you saw this article when you arrive for your first visit at The Face Place, and receive a copy of Dr Cat’s #1 best seller, 'Grow Younger and More Beautiful As You Age’.

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