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Preparing your electrical system for winter

Winter is coming - it's the perfect time to check your home electricals are in perfect nick! Channel's Liz Cannon talks to Lewis Rudall, Master Electrician and Director at Lake Road Electrical on how to ensure you're all set for winter.

Hand in hand with falling temperatures comes greater stress on systems that are suddenly asked to work harder. Your home probably stays nice and warm during the colder months due to your heating system and a variety of other electrical systems, but what if it were to fail? 

If your lights flicker when an appliance is turned on or if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, if you notice melted fuses in your switchboard or humming sounds, you are overworking your electrical system. The fact is that it simply can’t keep up with your household’s demand for energy. Hence it might be a good time for an honest review of your current electrical system.

Time for a switchboard upgrade?
Upgrading your switchboard is not only an excellent investment to safeguard your property and ensure your family or business is safe, but it will also help save money in the long run by extending the lifespan of the equipment used on it. It is not wise to run your 2020s appliances on a 1900s switchboard.  Not forgetting that an emergency breakdown can end up costing you more.  

What is a switchboard?
Your switchboard is the 'central hub' for all the electrical circuits in your home. It receives electricity from the street and distributes it through various circuits in and around your home. It is important that your home is electrically safe and it all starts here – at your switchboard!

If you live in an old house, chances are that your switchboard is not just overloaded but outdated, highly unsafe, and most probably doesn’t meet current New Zealand electrical safety standards. The problem with outdated switchboards is they have both aging components and increased demand – a potentially hazardous combination.

“Besides causing annoying blackouts, degraded wiring, faulty fuses and overloaded electrical circuits can also be a fire and a shock hazard, says Lewis Rudall, Master Electrician and Director at Lake Road Electrical.  “The sooner you get your old switchboard replaced by a new one, the better it is for your personal safety and the security of your property.”

Did you know that old switchboards don’t have RCD (residual current device) protection? RCD is a device that provides protection from electric shock by shutting down the system if leakage is detected. On its own, the fact that the old switchboards don’t have RCD protection should be a reason for an immediate upgrade, especially if you have young kids and pets.

Lower the risk of electrical fires
Your trusty electric blankets and space heaters come out of storage every winter to keep you warm and happy, then get tucked away until next year. After many years, your winter electrical equipment might be outdated and worn. Worn and fraying cords are a risk for both shock and house fires. Outdated devices are also incompatible with modern homes and can put stress on your electrical system. Check the manufacturer’s warranty and replace these devices once out of date to keep your home safe and your electrical system happy.

Check heating systems and thermostats
Ensure that the electrical aspects of your heating system, like thermostats or stand-alone electrical heaters, are ready for the cold so you don’t have to scramble when the time comes.

Static electricity
While static electricity may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be a real headache if you and your family are getting zapped constantly. Static electricity is more prevalent during the winter when the air in your home is dry from running the heat. To combat this problem, invest in a humidifier to add moisture to your home’s air and reduce the occurrence of static shocks.

Optimise energy use and reduce your electricity bills
At Lake Road Electrical, we’re big on sustainability and we believe it’s our responsibility to introduce our customers to efficient electrical solutions that are climate-friendly, energy-efficient, and help save on your power bills. 

Indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades
With shorter days and less sunlight it’s a perfect time of year to upgrade lighting both indoors and out to enjoy those dusky winter evenings. Lighting can make a significant difference to your home and lifestyle, with modern lighting options which are much more affordable than you may think. We particularly advise our customers to consider upgrading outdoor and garden lighting in winter so they can continue to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Importantly, outdoor lighting also boosts your safety and security for when your family gets back home after work during the darker evenings.

Maintenance and home improvement projects
Winter is also a good time to get those small home improvement and renovation projects done. Make use of our winter offers to save money.

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3. 10% off the total bill for all new customers for electrical work not included in the offers (up to a value of $1,000)

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About Us:
Lake Road Electrical is a family-owned local business based on the North Shore offering a comprehensive range of electrical services from small jobs at home to renovations and large-scale commercial projects, with an emphasis on cost-effective and energy-saving solutions. One of our specialties is electrical switchboard upgrades for older homes and renovations.

Lewis Rudall, Master Electrician and Director of Lake Road Electrical Ltd is both a UK and NZ fully qualified electrician with over 15 years' experience in the industry.  "We're different from the average sparky company," says Lewis. "We take time to listen to our customers and provide the highest-quality, professional and personalised services and advice, whilst making the experience with us an enjoyable one. We aim to be your family electrician of choice who can be called upon for any electrical work or advice at any time.

"We believe that there is no substitute for quality. Reliability, honesty and integrity are our key performance indicators with customer satisfaction at the forefront – always!"

Lake Road Electrical is located in Takapuna, servicing all North Shore communities. They'll be delighted to hear from you any time you need a service, or simply if you just have a question. The Lake Road Electrical team are Master Electrician Members with a $20,000 workmanship guarantee. 

Lewis Rudall, Lake Road Electrical
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Issue 130 May 2022