• Physio Connect staff member inside Northcote clinic. You can still see a smile, even with a mask.

Physio Connect – Free physio under ACC

The last thing on your mind when you enter a Physio Connect clinic will be the cost. They are a Free under ACC clinic, but with the apparent attention to detail and quality of their service you would think you are entering the most premium of clinics.

What makes Physio Connect the best physio for you to start your recovery from pain after isolation? Let’s take a deeper look at their secrets and how they became the first choice provider for tens of thousands of people in pain.

1. At every Physio Connect site, they tell me they have handpicked the best and smartest providers they can find, then give them additional training to get them up to the Physio Connect Standard. This training takes place once a week at their clinic and once every 6 weeks with invited speakers at their head office. Just to make absolutely sure you receive the best possible treatment.

2. Every clinic has all the equipment needed for their providers to help you recover back to as close to full health as practically possible.

3. Physio Connect takes an ‘integrated’ approach to treatment. This means that they have many providers from different professions in their clinics, ensuring you aren’t mucked around seeing the wrong person for many sessions, just cause it’s good business. Physio Connect will refer you to the best provider to manage your return to health.

4. Each clinic location has been specifically placed with detailed thought around ease of access for the commu­nity, parking and geographic spread. They have already covered the North shore so that no matter where you are you are never 5km away and they are now working on West Auckland and south of the bridge. You will never be far from a Physio Connect.

5. You can assure you will receive the same treatment at every Physio Connect site. With ongoing training and modification of policies, Physio Connect has ensured that all of its providers work within a similar model and train of thought, ensuring that you receive the treat­ment you want and need.

6. The attention to presentation doesn’t stop when the clinic closes, Physio Connect has engaged commer­cial cleaners to come in outside of working hours to keep their clinics at an impeccable standard. Ensuring each time you enter a Physio Connect site you are taken back by its tidiness and presentation.

7. Physio Connect works closely with ACC so you don’t need to see your doctor before you visit a Physio Con­nect site. They can make your claim, provide you with a diagnosis and start treatment all in the same session, saving yourself the time and hassle of visiting multiple providers before you start treatment.

8. It is more than apparent that Physio Connect has thought deep and hard about the struggles patients can have with attempting to book appointments, this is why they have established a centralised phone system to ensure you can get through and find an appointment time that suits.

9. It doesn’t stop at the phone system, they have meth­ods of enquiring about appointments on their website, direct email and their Facebook page. All in an effort to make it as simple as possible to get the care you need.

Price- After reading all of the above, I am sure, as was I, that you are curious to know how much the pre­mium rehabilitative services offered at Physio Connect will cost you. To my surprise, the response I got was “nothing”.

At Physio Connect, they provide all of their treatment to you free under ACC, this means that if you are suffering from injury and register an accepted ACC claim, which as noted above they will help you do, you will be able to start your rehab with a premium, high quality and committed provider today and start feeling better by tomorrow.

If you need assistance, I cannot give any higher recom­mendation than that of Physio Connect. We have pub­lished their details below to assist you in your attempt to get the treatment you need.

Phone - 0800 111 788 or Email - Admin@physioconnect.co.nz or visit www.physioconnect.co.nz