• Paul Ego, Comedian.

My Father's Day

Father's Day falls on Sunday 6th September this year. We invited five local dads to see how they'll spend the day and what gift they'd like to receive.

Carlos Posadas, Honda Cars Used Car Sales Manager.


Please describe yourself in five words:
Optimistic, outgoing, perfectionist, honest and caring.

My father has been a very important part of my life as he taught me a lot and helped me be the man I am today. I am lucky enough to have a young father (50 years old). It was always fun growing up and that made me want to have kids at a young age – I was 23.

I will be celebrating with my wife and three kids; it will be a day to relax and be grateful for the beautiful life we have here in New Zealand. I will also make sure to FaceTime my dad and wish him a happy Father’s Day.

It will be great to have breakfast in bed and to spend all day at the beach or probably a morning out kayaking. Overall, the best gift I have every year is having my three wee ones in my life.


Paul Ego, Comedian.

Please describe yourself in five words:
Large yet sprightly, sarcastic yet loving (yes, that’s six but ‘yet’ is technically only one word).

Father's Day to me means having to remind my family that it’s Father’s Day.

This year, as it’ll be my 21st Father’s Day, I intend to drink a yard glass and be given a large key (is that still a thing?)

Ideally I'd love to receive gifts of golf balls and licorice (which sounds like it could be a Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen song).


Andrew Dorreen, Precision Real Estate.


Please describe yourself in five words:
Loyal, honest, driven, sporty, family-focused.

Father’s Day for me before kids was all about celebrating my father and what he used to do for me so it was the one day to return the favour and say thanks. In more recent years my two children Ruby and Jack make a card for me as well as for their grandfathers and the day is focused around 'Dads' which is pretty cool. For me personally it starts with a rare cup of tea in bed and a few scorched almonds without fail.

This year's celebrating means starting with a walk down to the beach with the kids followed by breakfast out in Milford at our local favourite. I work Sunday afternoons so after that we'll enjoy a nice dinner and a few drinks in the evening catching up with the two grandfathers.

I'm hoping to receive the gift of a subscription to 'Boating Magazine' for another year: last year's one has just run out!


Kevin Braswell, Coach of Auckland Huskies.


Please describe yourself in five words: Smart, funny, competitive, driven, ambitious.

Father’s Day means the world to me because I grew up with no father in my home and when I was so fortunate to watch my daughter’s birth it truly made me realize how a child can literally change your life in an instant.

My perfect day would consist of having my favourite pancakes from Gusto at the Grand Hotel followed by a massage at my favourite Thai massage place. And later just be with my family here doing the things that we do most nights which consists of cooking dinners together and chillin’ out talking about life’s journeys.

My ideal gift would be something small. Time and the messages and hugs and kisses from my family are all I need.


Anthony Ford, Tania Dalton Foundation.

Please describe yourself in five words: Reliable, personable, positive, motivated, competitive.

Every Father's Day I take the opportunity to reflect on being a dad, while at the same time being grateful for having this opportunity.

I'll be enjoying the day by starting with breakfast in bed with the paper, a beach walk and coffee. Then it's constant reminders to the family throughout the day that it’s Father's Day, checking in with my dad (who lives in Whangamata) and then finishing off with a family dinner including a nice red wine!

The best gifts to receive are handmade cards from our kids and some golf balls to replace the many I have hit out of bounds lately.

Issue 112 August 2020