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Kindy Cottage – a small and personal early childhood centre

Kindy Cottage is a purpose-built centre for the care and education of children from five months to five years,situated at 17 Graham Collins Drive in Windsor Park on Auckland's North Shore in a quiet residential area next to a reserve.

Kindy Cottage believes in providing an environment that is an extension of the children's home where they can experience child-centered learning, exciting educational opportunities and stimulating activities.

Nursery - At Kindy Cottage the days are unhurried, and the nursery teachers respect each child and their routines. 

With a maximum of 12 children under-two and a teacher to child ratio of 1:3, the nursery provides a calm, safe and inviting play-space which empowers the children to be who they are. By offering the children space, time, and support to be themselves they learn to explore and discover the world in their own unique way.

The daily routines for sleeping and feeding are the same as those at home.

Preschool - Kindy Cottage believesthat children learn naturally through play, and aims to foster each child’s individual social, physical, intellectual and cultural wellbeing, in a safe and nurturing environment with routines that match those they follow at home. Kindy Cottage also introduces new experiences to challenge them and help them develop new interests and skills.

Children are also encouraged to develop social skills and understand the dynamics of group relationships, growing in confidence and showing respect and responsibility.

The Preschool enrols a maximum of 26 children with a teacher to child ratio of 1:8.

School-readiness Programme - To help your child make the transition to school successfully, Kindy Cottage runs the School Room Programme. This is an extension programme especially for four-year-olds to help them prepare for school. The programme focuses on early literacy and numeracy as well as skills to help children be independent.

Kindy Cottage is open daily from 7.30am to 5.30pm and there are four different day options available:

  • a full day
  • 7-hour day(any agreed 7 hours between 7:30am & 5:30pm)
  • 6-hour day with flexible start and finish times (under-threes only)
  • a limited number of 4-hour afternoon sessions (1pm to 5pm) – over-threes only

The 20-hour early childhood subsidy is available for children three years old and over.

Kindy Cottage is owned and managed by Gail Menkin, a qualified Early Childhood and Montessori teacher and a North Shore resident, with more than 30 years of Early Childhood education experience.

Kindy Cottage's team of well-experienced and qualified teachers would love you to visit their wonderful school. Just give them a call and they can arrange a visit – call Rosie Costley or Gail Menkin at (09) 478-4784 or visit the website for more details – www.kindycottage.co.nz

New enrolments - take advantage of our Special Offer – 50% off for 8 Weeks.

Issue 100 July 2019