• Michael Henderson, world-renowned Corporate Anthropologist.

I’m about to connect you with a secret weapon...

“If the fundamentals aren’t in place, no company culture can excel”

By Mark Fisher

About a year ago I was invited to a breakfast to hear from Michael Henderson, a world-renowned corporate anthropologist – not that I knew what that even meant! Basically, anthropology is the scientific study of humans, human behaviour and societies in the past and present. For 25 years, Michael has scientifically studied and advised high performing teams.

From his first word I realised he was the real deal. I was in awe of his knowledge around this mystical subject of "culture", but more importantly, I got incredibly excited when he shared his scientifically proven, practical insights into creating the world’s most high-performing teams. I’ve heard a lot of speakers but Michael was next level!

I got even more excited when I heard he’s the secret weapon behind some high profile sports teams, as well as Z Energy (AON Best Employer), 2Degrees, BUPA, High Performance NZ, Australia’s Navy and others! 

When I met Michael for coffee he explained the issue: he only works with ‘Tier 1’ companies and larger corporates on ongoing, very expensive retainers…

I kept trying to persuade him that New Zealand SME (small to medium) businesses especially need his help. Nine months and multiple meetings later, I’m stoked to announce we’ve secured Michael for a very special programme, brought to you exclusively by my company Eighty4.

I’m deeply passionate about empowering people and seeing businesses succeed, but bringing you great people isn’t enough. You need to have the culture that keeps those great people and gets them performing. My advice: invest in your people as culture eats strategy for breakfast – in fact, your company culture is eight times more influential than your strategy.  

I’m inviting you and your team to attend this exclusive programme made up of four half days at Smales Farm, Takapuna, over an eight week period.

I urge you: bring your directors, senior leaders and influential people within your business who are willing to learn and embrace culture as fundamental to your company’s success. Imagine what your business would look like if it was filled with high performers…

Michael will teach you how to work on your current and immediate culture needs and you will  learn how to maintain and develop a culture over a longer period of time and get the most out of your team. Here is the course outline:

Day 1 – Awareness (March 27th): What is culture? What does it do? Who owns culture? Who and what is impacted by culture? How does culture form? What culture do you want to become? What behaviours would demonstrate that you have become this culture? What would people need to believe to commit to behave in a way that enables and empowers your culture to become what you want?

Day 2 – Appreciate (April 17th): Understanding your culture now, where you want to it to be and the culture gap to be overcome; Learn the three primary levels of culture: Unstable, Stable and High-performing cultures; learn specifically what is required from your people to move from one level of culture to the next higher level; learn what liminal thinking is and why it is a key component to embrace as part of the culture transformation process.

Day 3 – Act (May 1st): Culturing in motion. All cultures deliver a performance. Using the arrow model taught on day one, plan the specific actions of your culture performance pathway from culturing beliefs through to culturing behaviours to become the strategic outcome providers all your stakeholders expect of your organisation.

Day 4 – Achieve (May 22nd): Review all the key models and lessons learnt from the programme; present your organisation’s completed culture arrow model for feedback and sign off; celebrate the completion of the programme by receiving your certificate of participation.

BONUS CONTENT You will also receive  a programme workbook containing all the key templates for learning and planning a high-performance culture; an anthropology field book for each participant; a PDF file of key learning models for use in your organisation; access to the programme’s online learning platform containing short programme content videos for study review; two online Culture Coach Q&A sessions during the programme to support your learning and implementation of the programme’s lessons and models.

Spaces are limited. This is a first in, first served offer — and we will sell out. We’ve already sold 50% of our capacity.

The first workshop is March 27th, 2020. For further details and to book, visit https://www.eighty4recruitment.com/culture-event or contact me, Mark Fisher (MD Eighty4) anytime on 021 347 445.

Visit Michael’s website: http://www.culturesatwork.com/