• The level one lounge that customers will love.
  • Lexus of North Shore's new reception.
  • A great showroom for premium motor vehicles.
  • The customer is a focus on every level.
  • Waiting in comfort.
  • Helen Wang, Vehicle Consultant.
  • Joyce Vaz, Customer Liason.
  • Julie Grgicevich, Vehicle Consultant.
  • Kelsey Keegan, Reception and Customer Care.
  • Steve Shannon, Customer Liason.
  • Tristan Liu, Vehicle Consultant.

Five star luxury at Lexus of North Shore’s new showroom

In July the Lexus of North Shore team opened their new showroom. The design of their wonderful new facility is based on the Japanese principle of Omotenashi. Their aim was that the look and feel of the dealership should be like that of a five-star hotel, luxurious, warm and welcoming.

This is a home that truly complements the Lexus brand, one of the world’s finest range of premium motor vehicles.
“Omotenashi is a key part of the experience and what differentiates us from other luxury dealerships,” explains Lexus of North Shore CEO Mark Jago. “Omotenashi at Lexus of North Shore is to wholeheartedly look after our guests, and to take pride in anticipating and fulfilling our guests needs in advance. This has been applied to every aspect of our Lexus business.”
At Lexus of North Shore Omotenashi principles have been applied to the luxurious leather customer lounge areas with wi-fi, wireless charging, music and reading; to matching bathrooms with rolled cotton hand towels, quality soaps, candles and diffusers; to hospitality with refreshments such as Nespresso Coffee, T2 teas, Antipodes Water and daily treats from Toasted Café next door.
“Our customers are a focus like never before,” adds Mark Jago. “As you would expect from a five-star hotel, customers are greeted by our friendly concierge who will also assist by parking their car. Those who wish to wait in our customer lounge will be escorted upstairs and offered a refreshment and freshly baked muffin. A customer taking delivery of a newly purchased new or used vehicle is a special occasion at Lexus of North Shore. A place card welcomes them to the dealership and their vehicle is covered ready to be revealed. We recognise this is the start of a special relationship.”
The Lexus of North Shore team includes Lexus Vehicle Consultants Helen Wang, Tristan Liu and Julie Grgicevich. They are supported by Kelsey Keegan (Reception/Customer Care), Joyce Vaz – (Customer liaison) and Service Advisors Steve Shannon and Patrick Duddy. They are ready and waiting to show off their fantastic new facility!
The Lexus range of new vehicles available from Lexus of North Shore includes 11 different options, luxury SUV's, comfortable sedan's and sporty coupes. They also have a good stock of pre-owned Lexus vehicles.
Talk to the team about any of these vehicles today and their ‘Lexus Electrified’ range. Hybrid vehicles and fully electric vehicles that are on their way – including the all-electric UX 300e.

Lexus of North Shore – 4 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, North Shore. Phone 09-442-3670
Visit: www.lexusofnorthshore.co.nz


Issue 123 September 2021