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Community spirit thrives in this hair salon

Mairangi Bay Village People

Introducing Michelle Budge, founder of The Hair Dresser, who is as passionate about hair as she is about the Mairangi Bay community. 

When and why you did you start this business?
Back in 2012, my children had grown up and I was ready to go back and expand in the hair industry. Having moved into the area way back in the '80s, it seemed only right to build a business in my local Mairangi Bay village. Doing this, I had a vision to create a salon environment that supports other hairdressers, particularly mums, to grow and be the best they can be. My aim was to provide a quality service that was affordable for all people in the Mairangi Bay area.

How would you describe what is special and unique about it?
We are a very people-orientated salon. Therefore, we aim to be real and authentic. That means that being part of the community is big for us! The number one form of feedback we receive from our clients is that we are a friendly, welcoming salon, that appreciates a good laugh – oh and the chocolate! We do use quality products (L’Oreal, Pureology and Angel), keep up to date with the latest hair trends, and provide a quality service. But providing a sense of connection and community is key to what makes us special. As our slogan says, when you feel good…so do we!

What gives you the greatest buzz?
Styling and educating my clients so that they can create a good hair routine for themselves at home. I love the feeling when I see a shift in my clients’ confidence, from when they enter the salon to when they leave. I am happy to play a part in that!

What is your number one tip for anyone starting a business?
Be clear on who you are and what your business represents. This means sticking to your values – not just professing them but living by them.

What do you love about Mairangi Bay village?
I am so lucky to live in a community where people smile through the window, pop into the salon to say hello and constantly engage with community building projects. Take for instance, June’s mid-winter swim for the surf club or the breast cancer high tea lunch. As a salon, we really enjoy being able to take part in the community projects and having fun doing it!

Tell us what’s happening in the salon during July.
Oh July – the middle of winter. The colour we love for this winter is a rich, chocolate brunette with a few shimmering highlights. Alongside this, we are hoping to banish the mid-winter blues with our giveaway. With every two L’Oreal Series’ Expert products, we are giving away a complimentary Trelise Cooper make-up bag. These bags are perfect for taking on holiday!

Please sum up your business in one sentence.
Styling hair, shaping confidence, because when you feel good…so do we!

Issue 100 July 2019