• Brynyce and Tom Owen.

Brynyce and Tom make moving real easy!

One thing we love doing in Channel Magazine is featuring businesses that offer unique services. Things that add real value to the community but can often be hard to find. One such business that has used our pages for many years is Moving Made Easy. They can help with the organising when you are preparing your home for sale, downsizing, or actually moving. Channel’s Aidan Bennett sat down with Brynyce and Tom, the mother and son duo who run Moving Made Easy, to find out more about their service.

AIDAN BENNETT: So guys, tell us exactly what your business is all about?
Our service is completely unique in that the client directs what they want and need, we flex as much as is humanly possible, which is not always easy! As each human is unique, so are their needs and our aim is to meet them. We remove as much stress as possible from them and their families. Families are very busy and they do not need the hassle and so we are there to support everyone even down to their much-loved pets.
TOM OWEN: We can help with reorganising a space, downsizing, any preparation work ahead of marketing a home for sale, and of course actually moving house. As our name suggests, we make it easy. We work with a variety of clients, from busy professionals, to time-strapped families, and wonderful older people.

AB: How did you guys get into this business?
When I was at school, my Mother got me involved in helping older ladies in the community. This evolved in the direction of reorganising things for them and eventually I started helping some of them to move home. As the years progressed, I started to do this for all age groups and thoroughly enjoyed it. I continued this on a voluntary basis resulting in now having literally decades of experience. In addition to this voluntary work, I have also moved multiple times, including moving our own household to four different countries.
Professionally, my background is in education, child development and research. Tom holds a Master of Architecture (Professional) and he works and teaches at the University of Auckland. Like my Mother before me, I have bought Tom up to help in the community with older people. He is always helping our clients and his skills in architecture and design are used in every move. He also carries out the administration and marketing, and so Moving Made Easy is truly a family affair.

AB: How did you end up on the North Shore?
We first lived on the Shore over 20 years ago, and then went back to the UK. When Tom and I returned in early 2006, it was a no-brainer that we would live on the Shore. It is an incredible place with great people and beautiful beaches, and only a stone’s throw from the city. My community work had continued and this slowly took over my life, growing into the business we now run.
TO: We finally realised that we had better register a company as others were starting up, and so after decades of voluntary work we created Moving Made Easy. We absolutely love the Shore and are very proud to base our family business here in Takapuna.

AB: What sort of design services do you provide?
Literally anything. It can be as simple as changing the cushions or a few bits of furniture, to spatial planning and garden tidying, or a complete make-over ahead of going onto the market.
TO: It is all about listening to our clients and working with them, and their real estate agent, to provide meaningful and purposeful solutions. Between us, we have extensive experience and specialist training and this enables us to see opportunities for our clients. Preparing a house for sale or designing layout options for a new home, it is about understanding the situation, working with our clients to find what meets their unique needs.

AB: What is one bit of key advice you would give for those looking to downsize?
Save your treasures! You might not need ten sets of bedding, but the memories those treasures bring help make a home.

AB: People moving from homes into apartments or retirement villages is probably a big area for you guys now. Why should they use your service?
Yes, we are privileged to work with many older people moving into retirement situations or downsizing in general. Our clients are at the centre of what occurs, it is their home, their choice. Retirees bodies are no longer 30 years old and the pressure and stress of what is involved in moving can take its toll.
Each client is individual and so we build a bespoke tailored service around their needs. We are here to remove the stress and hassle, and so why not use our specialist expertise to do this, and lessen the load.

For more information phone Brynyce or Tom Owen on 09 489 5024 or 021 0854 5339 or visit: www.movingmadeeasy.co.nz