Art by the Sea

New exhibition - Rosemary Eagles: Past to Present

We are delighted to introduce a new exhibition at Art by the Sea gallery showcasing the oeuvre of Rosemary Eagles: Past to Present. The exhibition opens on Saturday 11th September and runs through until 5th October.
It can be viewed online at

Rosemary is an established Auckland artist skilled at capturing vibrant impressions of native trees, plants and flowers, and strata land formations in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her relationship with nature is a continuous theme in this exhibition with her use of texture and rich colour inspiring different moods across her paintings, from brooding, earthy terrains to serene skies and evocative honeyed interiors. Rosemary works in oil and acrylic on fine linen stretched on plywood or mounted on aluminum panels.

Combining an eye for detail with an unrestrained style, Rosemary’s work is energetic in brush stroke and expressive in colour. Her use of terracotta and sienna paints remember her travels in Syria and Morocco in the mid-'90s, where varied and beautiful landscapes found her embracing “vastness of space and light patterns” in her work.

However, most of Rosemary’s recent inspiration comes while holidaying and hiking with her family in Aotearoa New Zealand, particularly while exploring this country’s incredible Great Walks. Her lush greens and aquamarines speak to the fertility of New Zealand’s landscape, captured in horizon lines, plant life and terra firma underfoot. Rosemary believes true beauty is found in the fern fronds, soaring mountains, rocks and waters that are the lifeblood of Aotearoa.

Many of Rosemary’s recent works depict mānuka trees in Tāwharanui, “where rolling land meets the sea”. This regional park is a treasured camping ground for Rosemary and her family and nuka trees are a special source of inspiration. In Rosemary’s words: “Standing open and exposed are the mānuka trees, creating a line against the horizon. They are strong, durable and resilient against the harsh elements that batter them. Native mānuka plants offer multiple benefits to both the environment and humanity.… the original source for our precious mānuka honey and mānuka oil, as well as being perfect for ecological restoration.”

Rosemary has been with Art by the Sea gallery for over 20 years and has consistently extended herself in each show. Her works have found homes both nationally and internationally, in countries such as Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the UK. She continues to develop her creative potential, experimenting with new techniques and form, including bringing metallic gold, silver and copper into her work in recent years. She is forever challenging herself as an artist, looking for new approaches to push the boundaries of paint, surface and colour still further.