• Pym’s of Milford has been opened by a trio of passionate locals – Jacqui, Craig and Sarah.
  • Pym's has proven popular since opening mid year.
  • The original vision for Pym's was to provide a nod to the 70’s and their food offerings reflect this, including the iconic Kiwi Prawn Cocktail.
  • Pym’s Burgers are a favourite with customers.
  • Many of the Pym's staff are family and close friends.

Welcome... Pym’s of Milford

The neighbourhood spot we all wish was on our doorstep

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses. Imagine being in the situation of having settled on new premises two weeks prior to the first Covid-19 lockdown with plans to open your brand new hospo business on Easter weekend? Chaos! That is what the team at Pym’s of Milford, the popular new neighbourhood bar and eatery, were faced with back in March and April. All credit to them, they managed to still open in early June and have gone on to really make an impact within the community.

Pym’s of Milford has been opened by a trio of passionate locals – Craig, Jacqui and Sarah. It has been so well done that you would think these are people with loads of hospo experience. But that is not the case.
“We had all moved into the area and saw an opening for a friendly, comfortable, inviting local bar which would appeal to the demographic,” explained Sarah when we popped in for a drink and a chat with her and Jacqui during November. “We had all been in our ‘other’ jobs for years. Craig is a builder of 35 years, Jacqui and I had been in the interior design industry for many years and it was time for a change.”
Jacqui says that the three of them do share a passion – they all love good wine, food and entertaining. “None of us had any experience at all, we just forged ahead with passion and instinct. From that opening day in June we have been delivering to our customers what we would like delivered to us. You could say we have also done many years of research!”
“We decided Milford was perfect as there is a great community feel,” added Sarah. “Such friendly people, it is close to the beach, there are great shops and we have been made to feel so welcome and been warmly treated by the locals and other hospitality owners.”
The locals agree that the Pym's team are a pretty good addition to the spirit of Milford. They have recently completed their first charity event and thanks to the generosity and support of the locals they raised well over $9000 to assist a youngster who was born with a rare version of PFFD.
So why are the locals enjoying Pym’s so much?
“Craig would like to think it's his jokes, but the reality is there was a gap in Milford for a bar just like this,” answers Jacqui. “There are four other fabulous bars in the heart of Milford that all have their own identity, and we all complement and support each other. People comment daily on the ambience, the comfortable seating, the music, the friendly staff, the high standard of food offerings, the simple but select drinks list, and the cleanliness of our place. We provide a friendly environment and have had it commented many times that it is a place people can come to on their own and feel safe and welcome. All of the staff are family and close friends, and the locals love this about us. We are lucky to have great chefs creating our daily and special menus.”
Not surprisingly they offer a Pym's Classic Prawn Cocktail and a Pimm’s Royale as one of their signature drinks. The drinks list has been formulated by listening to what their customers want, and the impressive list reflects that.
During the signature drinks discussion I also discovered where the name came from. Craig's surname is Pym, and it was a play on the word Pimm's - the classic drink from the 70's.
There are some firm favourites on the food menu as well. Pym’s Burgers, Pym's Classic Prawn Cocktails, chicken liver pate, sharing platters and Limoncello cheesecake are already favourites with customers. They reckon they have people travelling the length of Auckland for these.
“Our point of difference is that we are not trying to over-complicate our food – we keep it simple, tasty, and generous,” says Sarah. “Our chefs come up with innovative ideas all the time and we are constantly offering these as specials.”
The trio's original vision for the bar was to provide a nod to the ’70s and their food offerings reflect this, including prawn cocktails, brandy snaps, cheese fondues, cheese and pineapple sticks, and classic Kiwi onion dip and chips. Yum!
The team says that every night is special at Pym’s, but during December they have a special wine tasting with the popular Soho Wines that customers will enjoy. For those hanging around the Shore on New Year’s Eve they also have a late-night licence organised so that night will also be something special. There will be quite a few wanting to celebrate the end of 2020!
During our chat I challenged Sarah and Jacqui to sum up Pym’s in one sentence. They decided to quote Cuisine Magazine, which said…  “the neighbourhood spot we all wish was on our doorstep”. We reckon that’s about spot on. Welcome to Milford Pym’s!

Pym’s of Milford – 154 Kitchener Road, Milford.
Email: drink@pymsofmilford.com
Open 7 days a week, 3pm until close.
Visit: www.pymsofmilford.com