Wish international imports were easier?

PACK & SEND Takapuna is your "one stop shop" for all your international freight needs.  

Have you purchased something online from abroad and need to arrange a courier delivery to New Zealand yourself? Finding eBay shipping too slow? Our import services include collection from almost any part of the globe and delivery to your door here in New Zealand for a competitive price.

Some of you may experience difficulty getting a seller or sender to arrange shipments from overseas because they’re concerned about duties and taxes. PACK & SEND can assist with any potential hassles!

PACK & SEND knows how to navigate this often challenging process. Onerous regulations and paperwork can make importing goods from overseas a difficult task. Our Import Courier Service will make these logistics smoother sailing for you or your business. We streamline the customs clearance and other associated details and keep you up to date on your package’s whereabouts every step of the way.

We import documents and send & return passports

Yes, we can assist with visa and immigration documents pick-up and return from overseas embassies. We have a dedicated and pretty unique service called ‘Send & Return’ just for passports and important documents.

Need an import freight forwarder?

Importing goods to New Zealand with us can save you time and money compared to doing this yourself and arranging for a seller to export a product from the country of origin.

PACK & SEND provides logistics solutions for large businesses as well as small volume shipments. We ensure a safe and timely delivery of your freight at an even more competitive price than ever before.

When you need to import/export overseas from or to any country you can rely on Pack & Send's experience to package it and get it delivered, safely.

PACK & SEND provides service, systems and packaging to make your freight experience as simple and smooth as possible. You don't need to open an account; they send anything, anywhere and take care of the hassles.

PACK & SEND Takapuna open Mon – Sat, located at 77 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna with exclusive and convenient parking outside.  Ph 486-3355 or email takapuna@packsend.co.nz and let them make sending easy. 

By: , Jane and Jeremy Bain, the franchisees at PACK & SEND Takapuna.

Issue 101 August 2019