Why we are the right brokers for you...

I’ve teamed up with an old school buddy and friend Richard Stevens who is also a business broker here at ABC Business Sales.

We work closely together, we have incredibly complimentary skill sets and have made a decision to focus on our roots, those being primarily on the North Shore.

So… Why are we the right brokers for you?

I’ve recently been awarded the ABC Auckland No. 1 Business Broker for 2020, and Richard has been awarded the Rising Star for 2020, and we are actively interested in the business of businesses and bring our collective energy and broad knowledge to work for you.

The one reality about selling your business is that its so much more than just the logic around accounts, numbers and details…. Yes, these are a primary focus for us, but to put it reasonably bluntly, we are often considered marriage guidance counsellors, life coaches and sometimes a shoulder that is leant upon when needed. As you can imagine, once a Sales & Purchase Agreement has been signed by both parties, the engagement moves from logic to emotional for many, as the purchaser has already started making plans as to how they are going to operate the business while the vendor is hopeful of ending one chapter and starting another.

The present state of flux and uncertainty in the economy thanks to Covid-19  has brought its own pressures and listening to those who have been affected and those who have not, is learning about two different worlds, as you can appreciate.

Those that haven’t felt the economic impact of Covid are those that have a recurring revenue model such as many service-based IT companies, monthly subscription models such as property maintenance, pool maintenance, and those food and beverage focussed operations which are wholesaling their products for supply. Interesting to see other operations flourish that may not have been expecting to, such as home improvement/renovation-based businesses and big ticket spend items like spa pools.

Many online businesses are seeing boom times, lockdown and discretionary dollars aren’t always good bedfellows, and who would have thought courier companies are under such pressure to keep up... its like late December for them!

As always, we’re happy to have a discussion with anyone in business and talk specifically about that industry

Cheers Lester & Richard

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