• David Haydon

Unsuccessful with contact lenses? Try Precision1

Have you ever thought about wearing contact lenses but have never got around to trying them or have you tried them with little success? We could have the solution for you.

New Zealand and Australia are the first markets in the world to receive Alcon’s new daily disposable contact lens – Precision1. Alcon hopes this lens will boost the number of young people wearing this form of vision correction. They believe this lens will be ideal for first-time wearers and those who have previously struggled with, and dropped out of, contact lens wear.

Precision 1 lenses feature a thin layer of moisture on the lens surface. This revolutionary surface technology enhances vision and makes the lens comfortable to wear throughout the day. They are easy to handle. 

In an in-vitro study, the lenses delivered superior lens surface moisture breakup time compared to other leading brands, and in a clinical trial, patients rated Precision1 nine out of 10 for vision, comfort and handling.

Recognising that first-time wearers often need additional support, Alcon has also introduced a patient support programme. In addition to the fitting, instruction, and follow-up care we provide to the new wearer, Alcon’s ‘Great Big Precision1 Try On’ programme gives the new wearer 30 days of free trial lenses and a specially designed app, which has tips for handling the lenses and answers to common concerns. The app also encourages the wearer to share their experiences and journey. Included in the Precision1 trial kit is a pack of activity cards designed to provide them with ideas of things they can do now they are a contact lens wearer.

I believe Precision1 lenses are an ideal first contact lens, or re-entry for those who have dropped out of contact lens wear. Too often patients struggle with contact lenses in the first few weeks, so the excellent support programme from Alcon, along with the professional guidance from the team here at Haydons, will go a long way to help people gain confidence with the lenses. 


Issue 99 June 2019