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The end of the build: The joy of completion

At the start of a build, as the site is cleared and the soil is readied for foundations to be laid, it can be hard to imagine how your architect’s drawings will soon be on top of all the perfectly packed dirt. Yet as the months pass by, your new home emerges from the ground, and then the day comes when your new home is ready for you to move into. 

Sometimes in the business of everyday life, as a design and build specialist, you can forget about just how significant the end of the build project is. While we regularly walk through this process with our clients, I am now experiencing it and I find myself reflecting on how we have got to the place where we are counting down the days until we will open the doors of our new home to the public.

With the end clearly in sight, I am both amazed and humbled. I think of the many hands that came together to make this beautiful home, the hundreds of micro-level choices that had to be made at exactly the right time, and the coordination of the thousands of hours of labour by various skilled trades professionals.  

I am also excited. While a visit to our new show home will tell part of the story of the home, like any person who has moved into their new home, I want to share with you the story of the journey to our new home. While some parts may make for polite conversation, things like our experience in careful site selection, innovative architectural design, high quality build products, perfection driven workmanship and thoughtful design features are things that you may find very useful for your new home build.

Our new show home opens to the public in August. Visit us at 12 William Blake Way to see what your beautiful home with Selah Homes can look like.

Issue 100 July 2019