Teresa Burns Hearing - How to Speak Clearly

Do you have friends or relatives who seem to have problems with their hearing? Or perhaps you have a friend with hearing aids who still doesn’t hear well, especially in noisy situations?

There is a technique called ‘Clear Speech’ which is relatively easy to do and has been shown to result in at least 20% increase in clarity. It really helps, especially for people with hearing problems or when speaking in noisy background situations.

• Slow down your speaking rate, with more precise pronunciation. This involves emphasising the beginnings and ends of words.

• Raise the volume of your voice slightly, but don’t yell or shout.

• Pause between key pieces of information. It’s the pauses which give people time to process the information.

• Also, be sure you are face-to-face with your communication partner so they can get facial expressions, gestures, and lip-reading cues.

• Minimise background noise if possible. Turn down the music and pick a quiet area if possible (ie away from the barista and kitchen and any noisy groups).

• Good lighting is important as well – so your listener can see your face. Be sure to avoid a glare from the window or back-lighting (sitting with the window behind you) which can put your face in shadows.

If you have concerns about a friend or family member’s hearing – encourage them to get a hearing test. If they have hearing loss – get them to try hearing aids and wear them every day!

Dr. Teresa Burns is your local hearing expert. She’ll listen to your hearing story and will see you at your appointment – every time.

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