Take care and share a smile!

Waking up in the world sure is interesting and at the best of times. Every day we have perceptions that can get in the way of our dreams and today we have the reality of Coronavirus. We don’t yet know how this is going to play out and what’s really important right now is our attitude and our gratitude, deciding who we’re going to be!

I often ask my mum and dad what decision they made when they heard I’d been born with Cerebral Palsy, something they had NO warning of, could not control, and something which was presented to them with a pretty bleak outlook. They respond every time with the words “to stay true to the dreams that inspired us to be parents”. Together and through those dreams we exceeded expectations and turned my two biggest perceived weaknesses into my two biggest strengths.

That’s not to underestimate the reality of this challenge that we all have, we HAVE TO and MUST adhere to the advice we’re receiving. However, through choosing a positive mindset we can pass that mindset on and if that’s the minimum that we achieve, it could lead to a lot for someone else, where the head goes the body follows.

Right now people in our communities are faced with uncertainty and so are we. We’re on a rollercoaster and we can get to the other side stronger and even more awesome through choosing our mindset and deciding who we’re going to be.

By: , Bending Perceptions, Inspiring Change

Issue 108 April 2020