• Abbie Rose and Izadora Campos.
  • Decklyn, Crombie Lockwood

Meeting Takapuna business people

Takapuna Business Profiles – Supporting local

Abbie Rose and Izadora Campos
BizDojo, Takapuna

What is the best advice you have received?
A lack of organisation and preparation on someone else's part does not necessitate an emergency on your part.

The office environment certainly has changed in the last 18 months. How do you think co-working can best serve businesses in the post-Covid world?
Co-working can offer flexibility and agility for businesses to work from anywhere. Shared spaces can offer solutions closer to your team’s homes, not only positively impacting a better work life balance but also reducing carbon footprints from day-to-day commutes.

What are the biggest misconceptions about co-working spaces and what would you say in response?
People are under the impression that if you take shared/co working space that their company may lack individuality which is completely untrue! We have a great feature called Design Your Office where you can create a bespoke design to suit your company needs!

Why do you think BizDojo Takapuna works so well for this community?
It's the perfect spot for people looking to break up their day with a swim, a trip to their favourite restaurant or a little shopping. Our thoughtfully designed areas have been created with you in mind. Whether you like to sit, stand, or stretch, we've got you.
We're already a community to everyone. We help each other out with connections and advice with real focus on giving back to the community as a whole.

Decklyn Thomson, Broker - Business Development
Crombie Lockwood

What are you most likely to become famous for?
Maybe not world famous, but I’m a massive foodie so would love to open an all-day bistro in future that served some of my favourite foods.

In your downtime where’s your favourite place to hang out in Takapuna and why?
Honey café. The staff there are incredibly friendly and are amazing at remembering regulars and their coffee orders. Great place to check in on weekends, or to read the papers before work.

What kind of businesses use an insurance broker and how do you get the best out of using one?
Any business, whether it be a sole trader to publicly listed companies, can benefit immensely from using an insurance broker. To get the most out of your broker, make sure that every aspect of your business (and the relevant exposures) are discussed with your broker on a regular basis. The more information brokers have, the better protected businesses are.

What’s changed in business insurance since the pandemic? What do companies need to watch out for?
Global events over the last year have had an impact on insurance companies’ results, and this has had a flow on effect to the New Zealand insurance market. With the effects of Covid-19 and lockdowns in New Zealand, we are seeing that many businesses are finding ways to adapt to trading in the new environment; however, these changes come with new risks and exposures. Companies should be discussing with their broker as to how their insurance programme can adapt accordingly, as well as what the market impacts on their business will be.

Cyber-attacks have been in the news a bit lately, is this a new thing? What do you need cover for?
Cyber risks have been identified as one of the three main business risks today. As can be expected, this is a growing area of concern for many companies as more business is conducted electronically than in the past. With technology at the heart of almost every business, data protection and network security are serious risks for most organisations. Anyone with a website, computer, email address or eftpos terminal is a potential target, and businesses need to be prepared for cyber risks such as ransomware, viruses, or data loss and privacy breaches. Cyber insurance policies are designed to cover a business’ losses as well as their liability to others as a result of cyber breach and should form part of every business insurance programme.

Issue 122 August 2021