• Art Culture.

Arts & Culture Pillar at Shore Junction

Shore Junction is a youth innovation hub being created in the heart of Takapuna. It is being designed as a space for young people to connect, belong and grow. Shore Junction will offer youth-friendly facilities and integrated services that support innovation, learning, wellbeing and creativity, enabling young people to accelerate their potential and embark on their future pathways to success.


Through our Arts & Culture Pillar, we provide a positive outlet for youth creativity; using art, music, dance, cultural arts, digital media, broadcasting and other art forms as vehicles for self-expression and positive youth development.

The ultimate goal is to support young people to feel connected, to feel that they belong and to have a safe place where they can come to explore their passions, develop new skills and gain critical experiences that support their future pathways.

Young people need access to spaces where they can explore creative expression and collaborate on creative projects.

A creative context offers young people greater opportunity to explore self-identity, to share their stories and experiences in a safe and nurturing environment, to experience new perspectives, and engage more actively with the people around them through creative collaborations.


The Arts & Culture Pillar will offer content that enables this connectivity, creative expression and pathway development.

The ‘flagship’ content represents Shore Junction’s core offering under the Arts & Culture Pillar. This has been co-designed with young people, and reflects their vision for the Shore Junction community, and the priority opportunities that they would like to access and engage with.


Opportunities for young people to take a lead curative role in utilising Shore Junction spaces for exhibition and performance works, providing a platform for diverse local youth talent. This curative role will extend to creative online materials as part of Shore Junction’s online community.


Support and resourcing for groups of young people to work collaboratively on arts-based projects – from themed spoken word events, to murals or sculptural installations. This will include creative enterprise as part of the Enterprise Pillar.


Through collaboration with Shore Junction partners, facilitate opportunities for young people to engage in creative broadcasting; with a focus on TV content, radio, podcasting, and filmmaking. This will both showcase talent and provide a platform for young people to have a stronger voice in public forums.


Through collaboration with Shore Junction partners, facilitate opportunities for young people to build creative industry contacts, and access work experience and employment opportunities.


Issue 104 November 2019