Sending Art somewhere?

PACK & SEND Takapuna is your "one stop shop" when you need to send artwork, sculptures, ceramics and antiques - anywhere.  No matter how large, awkward, valuable or fragile the item is, you can rely on PACK & SEND's experienced operators to package it and get it delivered, safely.

Jane and Jeremy Bain, the local franchisees at PACK & SEND Takapuna have a "No Limits" approach when helping customers solve packaging and freight problems around art and antiques.  "Many of the items we have dealt with are valuable" says Jeremy.

"Not only in the monetary sense but because the pieces may have been handed down through the family for generations.  It's irreplaceable on so many levels"

It doesn't matter where it's going.  New York, London, Sydney, Dunedin - the same care and attention is given to every consignment.

We'll collect it, package it, take care of the documentation, track it right through to the destination and get it signed for" says Jane.

As well, PACK & SEND customers can use their Freight Plus Warranty cover against loss or damage to secure that extra peace of mind - something not generally available when freighting artworks.

For those really delicate items like fine antiques or ceramics, Pack & Send can use its state of the art "Foam in Place" packaging system, which forms a protective mould around the item, for safe transport.

"We also produce custom made boxes to any size or shape" adds Jeremy. 

"Because we treat each consignment as unique, designing packaging and the freight solutions to suit, we're finding that more and more people benefit from our services.

PACK & SEND provides service, systems and packaging to make your freight experience as simple and smooth as possible. You don't need to open an account; they send anything, anywhere and take care of the hassles.

PACK & SEND Takapuna are supporting our client Flagstaff Gallery Devonport at the Art in the Park Exhibition again this year September 8-11th .  Held at Eden Park, Art In The Park is a world-class contemporary art show in Auckland's cultural calendar. Over 100 NZ best artists and 1000 pieces of art will be on display.  At this year's show, go behind the scenes with the artists, hear them talk, watch them create, and be inspired. Tickets start from $15 and can be purchased from