• Seniornet Bayswater members listening to tutor Reece McVinnie.
  • Seniornet Bayswater now meets at the Belmont Park Racquets Club.

New home for Seniornet Bayswater

On behalf of Seniornet Bayswater I am delighted to announce that we have successfully moved our meeting headquarters into the premises of the Belmont Park Racquets Club building on Bayswater Avenue.

The Belmont Park Racquets Club (BPRC) has been very accommodating and helpful, and with encouragement and help of local board member Aidan Bennett (while he was chair) we have come to a reciprocal arrangement that has allowed the BPRC to expand their courts with the removal of our old Seniornet building.

Seniornet throughout New Zealand has nearly 10,000 members and focuses on providing older folk with the ability to come together and upgrade their skills on their digital devices: mobile phones, lap-tops, computers or any other IT devices they may have.

We usually meet once a week on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Currently we are starting our sessions on a Wednesday at 2pm at the Belmont Racquets Racquets Club building located at 133 Bayswater Avenue. During Covid-19 lockdowns these are continuing on Zoom.

Reece McVinnie is our current tutor and brings a very good balance to helping us to understand our devices, apps and other wonderful things that make our lives more interesting. We say don’t be afraid of these things – make the most of them!

This is how Reece introduced himself to Seniornet Bayswater… "Gidday. My name is Reece McVinnie and I'll help you get more acquainted with today's technology. The sort of technology that's around us most days but perhaps you aren't making the most of. My background is in power engineering and the electricity sector for 30 years, but my approach to tackling the latest gadgets is practical with an eye for making things as straightforward as possible. Technology can be a real useful servant but it makes for a lousy master – we're going to show you how it can be tamed. I'm looking forward to helping you.”

As you will appreciate we have close links to other Seniornet groups and organisations for seniors which all offer a range of different courses such as genealogy and even those who can help you write your own life story for future generations to appreciate.

Local North Shore business Benefitz has also recently helped us to upgrade our website where you can learn more about Seniornet Bayswater (see link below). Please feel free to visit and let us help you make life easier and more enjoyable with the aid of technology that we can all learn together.

For me personally Seniornet has helped considerably in understanding the digital world. At the same time I enjoy mixing and the friendship while learning. If you would like to get involved feel free to get in touch with me through the website and we can provide you with the Zoom link or keep you informed about when we will be meeting once again post-lockdown.

Visit: https://seniornetbayswater.nz/