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Hi Everyone

A great big thank you for shopping in Milford last month. Believe it or not, we actually had some growth compared to last year's sales. Seems like you are coming here a little less often, with the tail of Omicron still lingering, but still purchase a similar amount of goods over the month. We appreciate your patronage.
There is lots happening in Milford currently and lots of new events in the pipeline. The Milford Centre has created a new home for the Coffee Club, next door to the ASB bank. If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to make a b-line for it on your next trip to Milford – it’s a really lovely fit out.
The centre of the mall, where the Coffee Club moved from, is currently being renovated. No it’s not going to be an ice skating rink, nor is the circus coming to Milford. But boy-o-boy – it’s a massive space. It will be great once renovated.
Our travel businesses are once again booming. I talked with the owners and it seems there are lots of you wanting to get out and explore the world again. So pop in to either of our businesses – House of Travel or Shore Travel – and join the exodus to far away places!
Keep an eye on our digital platforms – milfordshops fb, Instagram and website – for up and coming events. Some may even start this month. As there has been a short time to organise events, we can’t put them in this publication as certain things need to be finalised. But we will be having events as soon as we can get all our dots in a row.
Milford Rotary is as busy as ever with our gardens. Currently they have worked their way around the Milford Road gardens in the mall car park and made a huge difference. They’ve weeded and trimmed and you’ll be proud to bring family and friends into the beautifully landscaped environment. It’s all part of Milford becoming the premium centre on the Shore.
This edition of Channel has featured “Celebrating Excellence”. And that’s our aim in Milford - to provide excellence in service and a streetscape to be proud of.

Murray Hill, Manager
Milford Business Association,, 021 950 463,
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By: , Murray Hill, Manager

Issue 130 May 2022