• Melissa Hay

Lenses made locally

Our business has been in Milford for 40 years, and there are many suppliers we deal with on a regular basis that help make our business a success. The most important part of glasses in my opinion is the lenses.  I know some people might argue that the look of the frame is important – which it is, but it is the lenses that you see through every day.

We use a local lens supplier, who pride themselves on making their lenses in New Zealand.  Fortunately for us, this supplier is local (in Glenfield) – so we can get same day glasses made. We are also happy if someone wants to re-use their frame, and can organise this with minimal disruption for them.

One of the key features to think about with your lenses is that they protect you against UV light. UV light is harmful and damaging to the delicate structures of the eyes.  Plastic lenses which we use nowadays provide some UV protection, but we like to enhance this with the coating on the lenses.  We can use a coating which we call an anti-reflective coating which means that the lenses look great and people can see your eyes rather than the lens.  You can see this in the top picture, where the left eye is easy to see the person’s eye – and this is the lens which has the anti-reflective coating.  And this coating also reflects UV light away from your eye.  The picture on the right shows how this coating also cuts reflections down when driving at night.  The lens supplier has developed new coatings which are easier than ever to keep clean.

You can also get coatings to prevent blue light from coming into your eyes.  Blue light is an issue in this modern day and age, as all of the different screens we use to do our daily life shine bright white and blue light into our eyes.  This can lead to fatigue, and potential damage to the eyes.  These blue light coatings make using computers more comfortable and effortless.

We are also able to source a tint for your lenses in any colour imaginable! This is great if you have a specific colour you are trying to match, but also some sunglass lenses can just be too dark for some people. It is popular, at the moment,  to have a graduated lens tint which is darker at the top of the lens and fades towards the bottom of the lens. Polarised lenses are now available in brown, grey and green.  Polarisation is great at inhibiting reflected glare from entering your eyes. It is really useful for water sports or skiing.

So, come in and see us and help us support New Zealand made product.