• Mark Berryman.

Home design for the 2020s.

What will the homes of this decade be remembered for?

When we build a new home we are bringing together our hopes for our family, the centre for our daily interactions and our aspirations for the future. Our homes are an expression of us, and they create the backdrop for some of our most precious memories.

Over the last decade, there has been a rise in people looking to design and build their new homes rather than buying an 'off the plans' home. This has raised expectations about what you can expect in your new home so we’ve summarised three key features that homes built in this decade are likely to include:

1. Design features of our homes will be selected to tell our story. Homes are becoming more personalised and include design features that connect our homes to the story of us. We want unique design features that are both an architectural statement as well as an expression of us and our personalised spaces and furnishings, rather than fit ourselves into beautifully designed homes that anyone could live in.

2. Design features of our homes will create a sanctuary from the outside world. We want our homes to be where we change our pace. Busy home lay-outs and interiors have been de-cluttered to make way for clean, modern lines in fixtures and cabinetry. We are choosing a more soothing approach to our home spaces with earthy colour palettes and a minimalist approach to luxury design features, carefully chosen, rather than everything that we 'should' have in the home of our dreams.

3. Design principles will embed sustainability as a natural feature of our homes. From utilising the science of passive building techniques to making spaces in the home multi-functional and including age-proofing design features in our homes, we now have a wide range of choices that we can incorporate and that meet sustainability goals. The only limits in this area are imagination and desire.

We are at an exciting time to be building homes as clients' lifestyles, values and desires combine to change what a home could, should and will look like. At Selah Homes, we are looking forward to what this will bring over the next decade. Are you?

We are your go-to design and build company – we’ve got the technical skills as well as the courage to help you design and build a beautiful home in 2020. Contact us today.

Issue 106 February 2020