• Seniornet Bayswater members listening to tutor Reece McVinnie.
  • Seniornet Bayswater now meets at the Belmont Park Racquets Club.

Helping senior people become IT savvy

While Covid-19 makes headlines around the world and in New Zealand, the issue of becoming more up to date with the use of our mobile phones and computers (IT) becomes even more important.

Many of us will have found that re-registering a car, for example, is next to impossible if we only have cash and no internet access.
Seniornet Bayswater welcomes you to attend informal classes starting in February (Covid willing) at our excellent venue that we share with the Belmont Racquets Club at 133 Bayswater Road, Bayswater.
We do not charge for attending classes but ask for a modest membership fee of $40 per year, once you are satisfied that the tuition and new skills you acquire are of value to you. They will be. Once you understand more about the internet then a whole range of things will become much easier for you. That is the experience of other Seniornet attendees.
You’ll really enjoy the social aspect of Seniornet as well.
If Covid-19 means we can’t meet in person, we offer Zoom sessions on a variety of subjects, and again, these are free if you are a member of Seniornet.
We look forward to your company and of working together to help resolve your IT issues.

Please visit seniornetbayswater.nz for further information. If there are any particular topics or issues you would like assistance with, please let us know via email:

NOTE: The Seniornet Bayswater AGM will be held on 16th February at 12.30 pm on at 133 Bayswater Ave ( our new home The Belmont Racquets Club). Reece McVinney is going to do a short simple presentation at our AGM on how seniors can have a paperless office, so it will be an interesting, thought provoking session. This AGM may change to be postponed or go online should Covid-19 intervene.