Musings for May

I hope you all had a happy Easter, as I did. I had a wonderful time in and around Devonport.

It was interesting to read, with regards to the Government’s plans for light rail to Auckland Airport, that this proposal could cost up to $29 billion according to Treasury papers. That is $15,000 for every household in New Zealand, even for households in the Chatham Islands. The cost equates to the construction of two modern super aircraft carriers or 1500 brand new primary schools, or 20 new hospitals. In reading further, I saw that what the Government is intending to spend on trams could build a four lane motorway to Wellington. It is pure madness to let this continue. The Central Rail Link started off to be $3 billion, then $6 billion – my estimate is that it will be double that by the time it is finished. And, I can’t believe that the so-called editor of this two-bit magazine expects none to little disruption to Dominion Road once they start tunnelling down it towards the airport. Tell him to take a trip over to Queen Street and take in the disruption there has been in the CBD since the CRL started some years ago. I’m not against progress, but I can’t believe how incredibly slowly this has happened and at such huge expense.

I came across a funny one the other day, when a friend of mine who has built a new house was reinstating his vehicle crossing and 20 metres of footpath that had been cracked and broken up during the construction phase. I didn’t do the reconstruction work personally, but I know that this cost $4,800 and the series of cones and footpath closure notices that had to sit there for a couple of weeks cost in excess of the concrete reconstruction works.

Also, while we are talking about roading projects, driving north on State Highway 1 from the Harbour Bridge, along the Tristram Avenue to Sunset Road area on the left hand side, NZTA has removed all the lovely grassed area, the groves of mature established palm trees and replaced it with thousands of metres of bark, which will ultimately become weed infested. According to my impeccable sources, my men at the rock face say this is at the cost of well over $5 million. I’d love someone to explain why this has been done, and at huge expense. Surely to God the money could have gone on to the speeding up of the Dome Valley reconstruction that has been going on for years.

I can’t believe the latest plan thought up by both Labour and National, allowing people, no matter where their houses are, or whether they are heritage or not,  to put three houses in as of right. It is unbelievable that decisions like this can be made without consultation, especially in such heritage areas as Mt Eden, Herne Bay, St Mary’s Bay, Northcote, Devonport, and so forth. It is absolutely criminal. I hope that the people living in these areas love their traditional villas as much as I do and this crazy plan cannot be allowed to be carried out.

I had a wonderful day down at my beloved North Shore Rugby Club prior to Easter, when four of our senior sides turned out to play practice games on an absolutely beautiful afternoon. The Senior B side and the Under 21 side played Karaka, a long established club from the Counties area, our Restricted side played Takapuna Grammar School 1st XV which incidentally ended up in a draw after a great battle. Our Senior side played College Rifles from the Auckland competition. It was a magnificent day; it was fantastic footy. What was better than the rugby was the local crowd that gathered. I ran into so many friends who had come down to watch the games, mask-free and standing on the Gavin Armstrong Deck outside the rugby club, talking to friends and watching all the children playing around. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and kids playing around and no mention of the dreaded C19. A wonderful way to spend the afternoon, seeing all those people and watching the great recreational sport of rugby. I suggest that some of you people who have had close affiliations with various sports over the years get yourselves off the couch and put down the remote and get down to your local sports clubs – whether it be netball, soccer, rugby or whatever – where local communities gather and just have a good time catching up with people. Pretty easy and very little expense.

I’d like a bit of feedback with regards to Watercare, people who have had leaks on their properties and how hard it is to get hold of them and get something done. In particular, leaks near their meter boxes and how to establish who is responsible for the repairs. I’ve heard it’s very difficult to get anyone to come out to establish this.  
Anyway, I will see you next month!

By: , Gundry's Grumbles

Issue 130 May 2022