• Azaria Eddy, Matheo Fisher, Cece Jenkins, Jamie Richardson and Senior School Principal Mr David Boardman.
  • Olivia Sewell.
  • Ryan Qiu.
  • Kingsley Cheng and Mrs Chantel Ashley, Assistant Principal, Kristin Junior School.

Head Prefects 2022

Kristin School was earlier this term pleased to announce the Head Prefects for 2022. These four students will be working very closely with the school community over the next 3 terms, planning and executing a number of service activities across the school. 
Head Prefects
Cece Jenkins
Jamie Richardson
Deputy Head Prefects
Matheo Fisher
Azaria Eddy

David Boardman - Senior School Principal said "Being selected to be a Head Prefect is an honour, but also a great responsibility, requiring a huge amount of dedication and extra work in addition to their academic studies and sporting commitments. I am looking forward to working with them and the rest of the Prefect team over the coming months.  I would also like to acknowledge the rest of the Prefect team, who have been allocated to specific roles, the House Captains and other students who have taken up leadership positions this year. Their assistance with many of the events around the school is critical in both making them happen and ensuring we continue to offer outstanding opportunities to all of our students."

Olivia Sewell…. Kristin’s GirlBoss

Congratulations Olivia Sewell from Year 12, who was awarded a scholarship to attend GirlBoss Edge: CashFlow; a highly selective leadership and business accelerator programme for 15-21 year olds.

Throughout this 10 day programme Olivia underwent high-level leadership training and received transformative mentoring from NZ’s leading Finance and Business professionals.

Working in collaboration with Spark and PricewaterhouseCoopers to solve real-world problems facing a particular target audience in Aotearoa New Zealand, Olivia competed with over 200 applicants to be one of seven to win the 'CashFlow Challenge.'

Thanks to this incredible, life-changing experience, Olivia is motivated to continue to create change and innovate, using the skills learned from the Finance and Business sector she gained through this incredible opportunity. 

Fabulous ICAS Results in our Junior School
Kingsley Cheng of Year 4 was a medal winner in the latest ICAS English at the end of 2021. ICAS is an  assessment designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. Every year over a million students participate in ICAS around the world, so for Kingsley to get one of the medals places him in the top academic league.

Ryan Qiu of Year 5, was also awarded a medal for Mathematics. Students with the highest score in each year level, in each subject, are awarded an ICAS medal and a medal winner's certificate. This is an outstanding achievement for both of these Kristin boys.