Grumbling again… looking forward to the summer!

I cannot believe the numpties who are running our lives. Especially the numpty who thinks he is going to put a bullet train/tram down the middle of Dominion Road for an initial budget of $16 million. What the hell are they thinking? Can you imagine the absolute ghost town Dominion Road will be, for at least 10 years, if this is allowed to happen? I imagine this is the same numpty who decided it would be a good idea to spend nearly a billion on a cycleway over the Harbour Bridge. For God’s sake, nothing ever gets done anyway. On this topic it would be interesting to know what the budget stands at for former Mayor Len Brown’s trainset under the city that started off at $3 billion many, many years ago. 

While we are talking about businesses being decimated, what about the retail business owners, cafés etc. in the Takapuna Beach shopping precinct where roadworks have been going on for years, driving people right away. I see workers there sitting around with no drive to complete this work, I’d like to know the budget that Auckland Transport put into this.

And as I have said I’d like to know who in central government is responsible for all this intensive infill housing that’s planned in the Devonport Takapuna peninsula. This agreement between Labour and National whereby residents can knock their houses down, and build three houses: Are there going to be any height to boundary restrictions? Is there going to be any upgrade of sewers? Or are we going to be left with a rumpty, hotchpotch of dwellings, three houses where one used to be, nine cars where three used to be, all parked on the grass verges with two wheels on the grass? It’s a panelbeater’s dream. I know this because a good friend of mine is a panelbeater and he tells me cars are getting clipped every day on these narrow roads with cars parked both sides. Mark my words, at some stage someone will be injured or killed because of these traffic hazards.

It’s rolling on for Christmas time again, and I don’t know how this is going to pan out for people. I can imagine driving up to Russell very quietly at 4.30 in the morning, where I have always holidayed for years, and then some member of the local constabulary leaping out from behind a tree to demand my papers. I don’t know whether I’m in a Level 3 stage 1, 2 or 3 or in a red light, yellow light or green light. I defy anyone to know what all these levels and lights mean; the boundaries change all the time.

All I know is that I would rather die on my feet than cower on my knees. This situation has taken nearly two years of our lives, it has aged people considerably both physically and mentally. A good friend of mine, who I’ve worked alongside for years, couldn’t take it any longer and ended it. So sad, it breaks your heart. 

So, I’m looking forward to the summer and walking Elliott’s Bay again, walking Bland Bay again and swimming at Long Bay in Russell in the early morning. Sitting on the verandah of the Duke of Marlborough having a beer with old friends, sharing conversation and picking the next All Blacks squad, praising our cricket team for their wonderful achievements. Going for a sail or a fish and enjoying the finer things of life, where it is all at our fingertips.

I notice Auckland Transport again in Devonport, creeping around in the side streets with their dark glasses on, pretending to be anonymous, their ticket books slapping against their thighs, searching for expired warrants or registrations, then suddenly their glee at spotting a 1974 Morris 1100 with no registration or warrant. Their phones coming out to snap the number plate, and excited, trembling hands issuing the ticket. I see them all around the streets of Devonport, right out of their jurisdiction of giving tickets to people in the town for parking too long, while they try to get a coffee and talk to someone, masked up and socially distanced of course. 

I wish everyone a really happy Christmas, spend time with your family and friends if you can, walk along a beach and overindulge occasionally. Tell an old joke, laugh and relax, because as we know it can all be taken away from us, at 11.59pm one night. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year wherever you may be.

By: , Gundry's Grumbles

Issue 126 December-January 2021