From adversity we can thrive!

What an interesting seven weeks we have all gone through. It's given us all a real test of our resilience, adaptability, creativity, relationships and ultimately deciding what we’re going to do in each and every moment of each and every day. I hope that as people of the world we take time (when possible) to view the opportunity from or evolving from this time, show gratitude and further develop our awesomeness.

My oma (grandmother) was a teenager in Holland during the 2nd World War. If she went out during that time she had to wear a star on her chest to showcase that she was Jewish and she narrowly escaped being sent to concentration camp. As a result her and her family went from extreme wealth to having had it all taken away… but they reminded each other that they were alive. They went from having maids and butlers to hand washing everything for everyone... but they reminded each other that they were alive. They learnt to live on nothing... but they reminded each other that they could live. In the years to follow she was the first in her family to move abroad, set up a very successful lunch bar (one of the first) in Wellington, and today, at 97 years of age, she is living independently, driving, walking every day and as sharp as a tack… from adversity we can thrive!

For me, I’ve seen my business cash flow go to zero; all events for 2020 postponed or canceled (due to Covid-19), carrying the Olympic Torch in Japan canceled and the scheduled move to LA postponed as the events that were all part of the projected success are no longer there. But I’m happy that I’ve worked as hard as I have over the years, that I have loved ones around me to talk with, that my days were never a measure of life or death as it was for my oma and that I still have my dream. Looking at all the lessons from this unprecedented time in our lives it is exciting what new opportunities exist to fulfil old dreams.

Maybe we become more efficient?
Maybe we have more gratitude?
Maybe we boom like never before?

In a recently recorded podcast I had newer realisations around the power of dreams. My dream (and desire to share it) is what saw me never bullied at school, seeing opportunities, creating awesomeness and through focusing on what I want to do – Travel… Entertain… Connect – not who I want to be I've always had ways of measuring success even when everything is different.

What makes us the same is we all have challenges and we all have opportunities, what makes us different is our perspective and that’s a choice.

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Issue 110 June 2020