Dream big and experience awesome wellbeing

Right now in the world and the industry of events (where I work) I see and hear a lot of focus on mental health, resilience, overcoming adversity and enhancing the wellbeing of people. All of this, supporting it, providing tools to enable it, is vital stuff for humanity to thrive. But never underestimate the power of a dream, the energy you create from that and how dreams and the right energy enable resilience, positive perceptions of adversity, a healthy mindset and awesome wellbeing.

As a kid I remember dreaming up and then playing within my treehouse. It was bigger, more gnarly than any other in the neighbourhood. Up a cliff with real windows, rope ladders and slides as long as a rugby field (well, that's what it felt like as a kid).

When people would come over to visit they would look up high at my treehouse and say to my parents "Do you really let Cam go up there alone? But he has cerebral palsy. What if he falls?” To which mum and dad would respond "Well if he goes too quickly and loses focus he will fall. But if he learns to take it slow and steady... If he does the climb with a strategic mind he will make it to the top."

I made it to the top again and again and again. Developing resilience because in the beginning I would fall. I changed my perception of adversity... because I didn't give it energy. I just saw what I wanted to climb. My mental health and wellbeing became a reflection of my opportunities not my challenge, and up there new dreams would take shape.

Without the dream of my treehouse (and to be honest it didn't really matter what the dream was, what mattered was a dream that excited me) the things I needed, that we need to thrive – resilience, an awesome mindset – would not have had an opportunity to evolve.

Now in 2020 when we need resilience, when we need to change perception of adversity, when we need to protect our wellbeing and BELIEVE that we can thrive, I think it’s really important to remind ourselves of the times when we’ve been most inspired, where we’ve built the best foundation. Was it from a screen or was it from an experience? Walking down the street? Playing golf? Sitting within your treehouse?

I often wonder what my life would be like if mum and dad had not taken the ‘risk’ of letting me have the most gnarly treehouse in the neighbourhood, if they’d stayed with what was “safe” or listened to the challenges rather than focus on the opportunities. Right now, as people of the world, I think we have an awesome opportunity to re-imagine what is possible through creating experiences that delight, inspire and connect. Connect loved ones, connect passions, connect dreams... it will be sure to create an awesome wellbeing.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of all the things we should be doing. But whatever your current treehouse may be – school, sport, work, entrepreneurship, new beginnings? – right now it's about doing what you CAN do, taking small steps, maybe taking some risks and creating an experience.

So do what feels most aligned to YOU in this time and enjoy it! Focusing on what you can do now will see you exceed all expectations.

Dream big!!!

By: , Bending Perceptions, Inspiring Change

Issue 114 October-November 2020