Don’t (Can’t) leave town until you have seen the country!

We wanted to check in with you all to say hi and let you know that we have been thinking of all our wonderful north shore clients throughout this challenging time.  We miss connecting with you all. Like all of you, we have been living the highs and lows of lockdown.

I have been wondering what our industry will look like on the other side of this and having many sleepless nights and days brainstorming ideas as to how we adapt at each alert level and what we could offer to give you all something to look forward to in the near future. 

I have been contemplating and exploring the idea of what ‘staying local’ will mean to our community of passionate travelers, and for Quay Travel. As seasoned adventure seekers, we all love to get on that international flight and head off to an exotic new location, or perhaps return to an old favorite. The experience starts when we begin to plan, dream and then book our holiday. At Quay Travel, we want to find ways to allow us all to continue to have this experience within our own backyard. As the classic advertising slogan for New Zealand says, “Don’t leave town, until you have seen the country”, a statement that has never been more valid than for us all in 2020.

We have some wonderful New Zealand hotels in our preferred hotel programme and some amazing experiences, both personal and from booking domestic travel for clients.   We are brewing up some ideas around a variety of incredible road trips. These will include some fun, active adventures for families and those who love a side of adrenalin, as well as some more cultural and romantic trips.

Quay Travel community, we need your help!

We would love our travel community to share with us (yes, that means you!), some of your most incredible New Zealand travel experiences.  These can include an amazing hotel, lodge or cabin that you have stayed in; the best beach, coffee, café, vineyard or restaurant you visited.  The most beautiful roads you have travelled on, cycle tours, hiking tours, the list is endless. 

Whilst we have some amazing itineraries to help inspire you in the planning stage of your travel for later this year, we would love to include ‘the best kept secrets’ along the way. We want to offer a very personalized bespoke service to our travel community, focusing on what makes each place special and provide you all with the knowledge of a ‘local’, so your experience is unique, richer and more memorable. 

Whilst we all have some time on our hands, can you spare us 3 minutes?

Your input will be invaluable!  Please help us look at some new opportunities and complete the survey below.  It should only take 3 minutes!  We would love you to share your ‘best kept travel secrets’ and any/all ideas for some fantastic road trips, special itineraries and experiences that you have had whilst travelling in our beautiful country. What are the ‘must see & do’ things that we should be adding to our itineraries?  

We will travel again overseas and I hope this is soon, but in the meantime let’s all share and have some fun exploring our beautiful backyard.

Click on the link to start survey

I look forward to receiving your survey response &  'best kept secrets'. 

Michelle Malcolm

Managing Director