Devonport News

We’ve had a massive month in Devonport putting on the amazing GLOW@Artweek event that brought thousands of people to our stunning seaside village. As luck would have it, the change of date for the ASB Auckland Marathon meant the structures were still in place and able to light up the start line for thousands of runners tackling the harbour bridge crossing.

Early in October we launched our heritage walking tour as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival. This tour is a free audio tour that you can play easily from your phone. Starting outside the Ferry Terminal, it takes you up Victoria Rd, giving listeners an insight to the heritage of our unique buildings and the stories of people who once worked here in years past.

Guest speakers on the audio include heritage architect Jeremy Salmond, former owner of the Esplanade Grant Gillon, ex-Devonport Borough Councillor Bob Keely, owner of Devonport’s first clothing store Anne Iremonger and former projectionist Murray Thompson. It’s beautifully narrated by Margot McRae of Devonport Heritage.

The tour takes just under an hour and finishes at The Vic Theatre.  It’s the perfect FREE outing for those who haven’t been to Devonport for a while, or any friends coming to stay in Auckland and looking for something unique to do. Find the audio on the homepage of

The new Windsor Reserve playground is currently under construction and we’re excited about the Bean Rock-inspired play design coming to our reserve. The nautically-themed play elements will be for all ages and will incorporate better use of natural materials so that it sits more comfortably in our reserve next to the beach.

This is going to be a brilliant addition to our village ‘offer’, providing a fantastic space for children and parents to meet, play, connect and be inspired. The tree canopy will provide natural shade, and low walls will provide additional seating. We all saw the energy the new playground brought to Takapuna Beach, and we’re excited about our own coming renaissance.
With warmer weather now here, we’re looking forward to seeing you in Devonport.

Toni van Tonder