Designing your outdoor living spaces

Whether it is a sprawling space for lawn lovers or a well-executed patio space for urban dwellers, an outdoor space is one further important design feature for your home. Our homes are not limited to our floorspace; instead our homes flow out into the surrounding outdoor areas.

Factoring into your home the outdoor spaces that you and your family use is another crucial part of the design process. Over the years we have built many homes to cater to our clients’ needs and we’ve shortlisted a few key considerations to make your outdoor area the best extension of your home:

1. Your outdoor home needs to reflect your household and your lifestyle. If you’re more of an indoors type of family, then your outdoor space needs to be more like an outdoor room. Semi-enclosed patio spaces or louvred pergolas over decks can create an outdoor space that is less exposed to the elements while still allowing you to be outdoors. For families that entertain, decks are a must as well as heating, lighting and cooking areas.

2. Ensure you have a lighting plan for your entire outdoor area. A lighting plan will generate shadow and light creating spaces that are practical as well as ambient, setting up the space both for outdoor entertaining and evenings of relaxing. Lighting is also very important for safety, highlighting stairs, doorways and sharp angles as evening sets.

3. Have a source of heating in your outdoor area. Nothing sends us inside faster than the cold. To increase the utility of the space, a good source of heating will keep you and your family warmer and able to be in your outdoor area longer.

An outdoor area that extends and complements the space of your home is an investment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Good design will be the key in creating an indoor/outdoor home that has spaces that suit your lifestyle, budget and land space.

We specialise in complete design and build services that will make the most of your square metres. Contact us today to talk more about your new home build.


Issue 103 October 2019