• Alex Twidle.
  • Andry Smith-Garcia.

Depot Artspace and Creative Hub

After a joyous month of June full of Matariki love we’re excited to move into July which sees us showcasing a number of exciting emerging artists in both our gallery spaces and we’ll be celebrating the winners of our annual Depot Sound North Shore Songwriting competition. So come and say hi or check us out online for what’s coming up.

Depot Sound A very warm welcome to Alex Twidle who's joined the Depot Sound Engineering Collective. Alex will be working alongside our very talented engineer Noah Page. If you haven’t already, check out our new website and come and record some cool tunes with our top-notch team and engineers. depotsound.co.nz

Creative Careers We're very excited to welcome Andry Smith-Garcia onto the Depot Artspace team. Andry will be helping job-seekers find employment in the creative sector so if you’re a creative employer looking for great employees come and talk to us or if you know someone looking for employment please send them our way as we offer one-to-one support and career coaching. Check out our creative career programmes at Depot Artspace! depotartspace.co.nz/creative-careers

Depot Galleries

Central Gallery: Towards Equilibrium, a range of virtually augmented landscapes by Wellington-based artist George Turner.
Streetfront Gallery: Ecologies of Scale, paintings and installations compiled from urban construction materials by Llenyd Price, Elise Lidgett and Michael Lowe. Full exhibition details here: depotartspace.co.nz/galleries/