Dejà Vu 2020!!

MILFORD NEWS: BY Murray Hill, Manager, Milford Business Association

Looks like we will still be in lockdown when this issue comes out, so I hope you are all safe and coping with this latest Covid19 Delta event.
Milford is such a great community – that’s why we are the No.1 Town Centre on the Shore. Community means looking after each other and a feeling of belonging. And that’s what we have achieved over the last 10 years. I know you will be helping each other as much as possible and keeping in contact with friends, family and neighbours at this time.

Keep up to date on our website –
Currently, and as we go down the levels, we have a number of ways you can find out which businesses are operating. The best is our website - The majority of our businesses are listed here and I have encouraged them to use the panel on their listing page, to let you know how they are operating at each level.

Everyone should use the Milfordshops App
A handy way to keep in touch, is to download our Milfordshops App to your mobile. It’s in both Google and Apple App stores as ‘milfordinformationsite’ (all one word) or you can scan this QR code and download it easily. Then as we go down the levels, you will find under the business directory section, both businesses in the main street and in the Milford Centre.
Other ways you can find out what is happening in Milford in lockdown are as follows:
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram - as ‘milfordshops’
Get our newsletter - sign up on the website under ‘Contact Us’ & enter ‘Newsletter’
All these social media platforms are professionally managed by our newly appointed agency, Naked Marketing, who have transformed them into wonderful information sites for our Milford businesses.

QR codes in Shops
Whilst the Government has mandated that you must scan these in particular circumstances, I believe as a community that Milford can do one better. So I challenge you to scan every time you go anywhere – so that our Milford community is the best protected community, bar none. If we all do that, anytime there is an outbreak at a place of interest that you have been to, you will get a notification via mobile phone – only if you have been at the ‘place of interest’ in a specific time frame.

Food Truck Thursdays - October 2021 to March 2022
Our first food truck event will be held on the evening of the Thursday October 14th at the Baptist Church car park, Dodson Avenue, starting at 4.30pm through to 8.30pm. We will continue the events on the second Thursday evening of each month, October through to March, including January.
Expect a wonderful range of food trucks and a great atmosphere with live music. After going through another lockdown, we will also have a facility for those of you who have struggled through this period to talk to trained counsellors from the church. Just another way we see that we can look after members of our community and support them through times of mental struggle.

Stay safe
Murray Hill, Manager
Milford Business Association,
021 950 463,
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By: , Murray Hill, Manager

Issue 123 September 2021