Creating a Win-Win is the goal

I get immense pleasure helping vendors transition through the sale process and creating a win-win for both seller and purchaser is certainly what it’s about. The average business takes between three to four months to sell; the relationship and “trust” between broker and business owner is very much part of that process.

Trust comes down to having an understanding that we are there to communicate in a very real and open manner with each other in order to fully understand the business and the way it has been run for the length of time the owner(s) have been doing so.

When is the right time to sell?

For most business owners, a kind of inevitability precedes the decision to sell their business. “It’s the right time,” is an expression we often hear when owners come to ABC Business Sales with plans ready to exit their business. However, what is the right time to sell a business and how do owners come to that decision?

There is no exact formula.

There is no exact formula to follow as this is unique to each business and the industry in which they operate. However, there are conditions that lead to the sale of a business. These include:

•    life-changing events for the seller

•    the life cycle of the business

•    the market and projected changes.

If you have the niggling feeling that it’s time to sell your business, ask yourself if there’s something more out there for you and the business you’ve created?

Easter break is now well and truly over. The new financial year brings with it a time to reflect and review “where you’re at”… its not a sprint as they say…so take the time to give me a call so we can have that discussion about the “how” part of the process around selling your business.