• Korean Night.
  • Chinese Night.
  • Korean Night - Taekwondo.
  • Chinese Night - Sleeve Dance.
  • Korean Night - Fan Dance.
  • Chinese Night - Lion Dance.

Chinese and Korean Nights

Rangitoto College: News

Rangitoto College’s annual Chinese and Korean Nights are hotly anticipated events on the school calendar. These student-led performance evenings allow students to celebrate and share their culture with our school community.

As always, both evenings were hugely popular, with performers taking the stage with sold-out crowds. Once those curtains opened and the night began, the amount of hard work and dedication put in by every performer could be very clearly seen. 

Highlights from Korean Night included everything from doll dance to the traditional mask dance, the elegant fan dance to the masterful taekwondo, and various K-Pop, rap and nanta performances. On Chinese Night, Chinese culture was brought to life through traditional performances such as the lion dance, sleeve dance and fan dance, as well as more modern hip-hop and singing acts.