• Mark Berryman.

A Minor Detail

Adding a minor dwelling to your new home build.

It took you quite some time to find the right site to build your new home. You’ve thought over the floor-plan, made sure you have the right sized garage and have carefully ensured that the space will suit you now and into the future. 

Have you considered adding a minor dwelling to your site? A minor dwelling is a stand-alone unit with its own electricity and water supply. With a variety of uses, cost-wise an investment in this could benefit your family now and in the future. Here are some of the benefits of having a minor dwelling on their site that clients have shared with us:

1. Extra income

Minor dwellings can be rented out as soon as your build is complete. They are private enough for both the tenant and homeowner and sought after by professionals who want the features of a home without the maintenance needs of a large house.

2. Family space

Having space set aside for your parents, or even for your own retirement to a smaller space, gives you peace of mind now and security in the future. The separation between the homes gives the exact amount of space for security without feeling like you are too close for comfort.

3. Office space

Do you intend to, or currently, run your business from home? The benefits of working from home are multiple and having a workspace that is separate from the home allows separation from work. This is good for keeping family time safe from interruptions.

Design for a minor dwelling will be key in ensuring the space can suit multiple purposes unique to your situation now and your future use. There are a few Council requirements to meet, so talk to a professional to see if this is the right choice for the needs of you and your family.

From minor dwellings to building two or more houses on your site - we are your design and build specialists and will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Issue 102 September 2019