Six summer tips for keeping your hair cool in hot weather

The pro team at Molton Brown in Milford share their top tips for dealing with summer hair...

1. Be the messy bun girl - Even a bit of frizz will give your bun a nice amount of body and ‘pouf' a la Meghan Markle. If your hair falls limp in hot, humid weather, try beefing it up with a texturising spray or dry shampoo.

2. Dry your hair in a cool room - A bedroom is best, or wash your hair at night when the temperatures dip.

3. Ponytails - Air on your neck = instant heat relief. This season, it’s all about the high/low—a low ponytail at the nape with lots of fluffy volume on top. Tie a cute ribbon around it.

4. Braid your hair - Not only will braids corral unruly summer textures, they’re poised to be among the most popular hairstyles for summer. Work in a little hair styling cream or hair gel to keep them under control.

5. Condition your hair while you sleep - Apply an overnight conditioner to damp hair before you go to bed, wind it into a loose bun or small twists, and hit the sack.

6. Swim, but cautiously – Comb through a leave-in conditioner or even a rich hair mask before going into the water. Shampoo it after swimming and it will be amazingly soft and shiny.

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Issue 94 December 2018