Five Reasons Why You Should Try Small Ship Cruising

1. Intimate Cruising Experience

With small cruise ships, the crew to passenger ratio is often 1:2. That means the crew members know your name, your preferences and can often anticipate your needs during the cruise. Furthermore, bartenders and kitchen staff are catering to a much smaller crowd, ensuring efficiency, quality and attention to detail. And of course, there are the added perks of luxurious amenities.

Small ship cruising offers a more intimate travel experience in many ways. For example, Seabourn ships have no more than 300 suites and are modeled similar to private clubs where travellers share open decks, social spaces, and enjoy personalized attention from the crew.

2. Unique Ports and Itineraries

On a small cruise ship you will be able to see the world differently. Small ships have the ability to sail to countless destinations around the world, some of which are unattainable by bigger ships. Small ships often cruise along famous and historic rivers, offering a chance for the mode of transportation to become a wonder in itself.

Windstar Cruises offers wet landings and access to ports like Bahia Drake, Puerto Jimenez, Parida and Bocas del Toro in Costa Rica and Panama so travellers can get an up close and personal experience. In addition to the Panama Canal, Windstar also offers themed cruises for travellers with a specific passion like wine or racing.

3. Affordability

On a smaller vessel, many of the expenses are often included upfront. All-inclusive Itineraries, all-suite accommodations, personalised service, speciality cuisine, fine wines and spirits, unlimited internet access, and gratuities.

4. Emphasis on the Destination

Small ship cruising place the emphasis firmly on the destination and this is even more evident in very special destinations like Antarctica, the Galapagos, the Amazon or the Arctic. Evenings consist of enthralling talks and presentations on the wildlife and wilderness you’ll encounter, on the history of your chosen destination and all the activities on offer. On a small ship cruise, and expedition cruise ships in particular, you can totally immerse yourself in your destination.

5. More Flexibility

Just because the ships are smaller doesn’t mean the schedule or planning is more rigid. In fact, small ship cruising lends itself to creating personalised trips for every type of traveller. Cruisers looking to enrich their lives in specific ways can find a multitude of flexible and passion-driven enrichment programs on small ships, such as Silversea Cruises.

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Issue 87 May 2018