2020: it took more, it gave more!

Happy New Year… 2020 wasn’t the year many of us had planned for; it took more, it gave more, but most awesomely it enabled us to GROW more. The perspectives gained from 2020 will forever make us stronger, more valuable and way more awesome than EVER BEFORE!

With a new year comes new opportunities to reimagine, to ask ourselves who we’re going to be and to DREAM BIG! Big dreams aren’t airy fairy impossibilities. Big dreams lead us to identify the support we need to be able to thrive, big dreams further the depth of our resilience, big dreams build mighty teams. Big dreams enable us to achieve more, and most significantly our mental health and physical wellbeing become a reflection of those big dreams rather than the reality of our fears.

As you plan to make 2021 stronger, more valuable, and way more awesome for you, your people and your teams, here are three wellness steps that will further fuel your opportunities, further ignite who you choose to be and further inspire the dream:

  1. Connect from the heart. We are part of the tribe of humanity. We are surrounded by our brothers and sisters and we are all made up of the same divine light, the same matter. Love is a force that unites us all.
  2. Be grateful for all the abundance and blessings we have. We are truly blessed when we open our eyes to the immense abundance and beauty everywhere. Each day is a gift to be honoured and cherished. This day is our 24 hours, so spend them wisely. Open up and embrace this awesome world.
  3. Feed curiosity and be open to the new. Don’t let our desires for safety and security become our prison. Harness the enthusiasm and passion for life that is so often found in the kingdom of a child. Why not stay young at heart, stepping out of the comfort zone to taste all the delightful flavours in life's kitchen of experiences.

While conceptualising this article a man pulled up in the car park next to me asking if I could get some money for him, for he’d lost his job, his home, his life as he knew it. Fraud or a new reality for him? One thing we know is that the greatest challenges do not arise from what we are born into but from what smack us in the face. Balancing our health, fitness and wellness makes challenging decisions that much easier.

Enjoy your awesomeness in 2021.

By: , Bending Perceptions, Inspiring Change

Issue 116 February 2021