Channel People: I Love Where I Live
Ian Watson at home in Torbay.

Channel People: I Love Where I Live
The Shore, according to Professor Ian Watson

Professor Ian Watson was the foundation principal of Massey University's Albany Campus. The University first opened on the North Shore in 1993 under his leadership. He retired in 2004. Ian and his wife Patsy moved to the North Shore from Massey Palmerston North when the University first opened at Albany, settling in Torbay, and have have been here every since. In the two decades he has lived on the Shore he has played a big part in the community. Ian told Courtney Bennett in mid-October that they love the Bays and won't be moving anywhere else.

COURTNEY BENNETT: What do you love most about living on the Shore?

IAN WATSON: What we really love is the tie between proximity to beaches and proximity to shops. This gives us a great lifestyle. We have lived in a few different places over the years and this is probably the best!

CB: Have you always lived locally?

IW: Since December 1995. Two fantastic decades on the North Shore!

CB: Where are the best walks around your area?

IW: We love walking at low tide along Browns Bay Beach and then around to Rothesay Bay. The walk from Waiake Beach to Winstone’s Cove is also a real beauty. There are parts of the walk where you wouldn't know you are still within the boundaries of the largest city in the country.

CB: Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to?

IW:  It's good to catch the itinerant singers who make use of the stage, as one goes about ones business in the Browns Bay village. In the warmer months there is a real buzz about the place and we love the linkage through to the beachfront.

CB: Do you get the Browns Bay Magazine and Channel delivered to your letterbox?

IW: Yes, I am lucky to have Channel posted to me regularly and I look forward to reading all the local news in the Browns Bay Magazine. It's great to read about all the good and positive things happening in our local community.

CB: If we moved we would move to … 

IW:  Moving is not on the agenda! We really like it here. The only place we move to regularly is our beach property in the Far North. How lucky are we to live at the beach all year round!

By Courtney Bennett

Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

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