Keeping up with the Juno...
Dee Tobin and Juno.

Keeping up with the Juno...
Channel People: I Love My Pet

Dee Tobin is the proud owner of Juno, an adorable Italian Greyhound.  A life-long animal lover, Dee grew up with cats and has also volunteered at the SPCA. For Dee, a home is not a home without a pet so she and her husband got Juno around two years ago and couldn’t imagine life without her now!

Courtney Bennett: What do you love about pets?
Dee Tobin: They love you unconditionally and they are always over the moon to see you.  I love that they are an instant exercise buddy and they make you get outdoors every day. We have met lots of lovely people through our daily walk on the beach with Juno.

CB: Tell us about Juno…
DT: Juno is an Italian Greyhound. She is very affectionate and loving.  She has lots of energy so a daily walk is a must. She loves nothing more than to snuggle under a warm blanket next to you or on your lap.

CB: Do you have any other favourite animals?
DT: It’s hard to pick one because I love all animals. Elephants are pretty amazing because they are really intelligent and commonly show grief, love, and compassion. And baby elephants are super cute!

CB: How did you come to own your pet?
DT: I'd been trying to persuade my husband to get a dog for six years and then one day he texted me a picture of an Italian Greyhound he'd seen at the airport. He said if you can find one of these in New Zealand, we can get one. I immediately got on the Internet and started looking for one. 24 hours later I'd managed to find a breeder whose dog had just had a litter so I contacted her straight away.

CB:  What is Juno's favourite hobby?
DT: She loves basking in the sun, sprinting and chasing a tennis ball. She also loves annoying us when we are watching TV by constantly bringing us toys to throw.

CB: What’s your view on social media pages for pets?
DT: It's a bit of fun. I wouldn’t have a social media page for Juno but my Instagram account is mostly just pictures of her.

CB: Where’s the best place to walk dogs on the Shore in your opinion?
DT: We love going Milford Beach and if it's high tide we go to Kennedy Park or Centennial Park.

CB: Is the North Shore a pet-friendly place?
DT: Yes it is. There are lots of great places to walk your dog and most cafes are pretty accommodating.

CB: I wouldn't be without Juno because…
DT: She is great company and she is a part of our family. Dogs never judge, they just love.

By Courtney Bennett

Channel Magazine: Issuu 51 February 2015

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