Just the Job for Jordan!
Jordan Selwyn
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Just the Job for Jordan!
I Love What I Do: Jordan Selwyn

Jordan Selwyn is an up and coming real estate agent for Harcourts Cooper & Co based in Birkenhead. Jordan must have known his calling early on - here he tells Channel about telltale childhood signs and what he’d do if he wasn’t selling houses...

Courtney Bennett: Did you always intend to go into real estate?

Jordan Selwyn: I found a business card that I had made for myself as a child saying 'Jordan Selwyn / Selwyn Real Estate / 100 Trillion Dollar Club', so it must have been in my mind for quite a while!

CB: Why are you passionate about what you do?

JS: I get a kick out of being helpful and I really, really like houses.

CB: What do you think makes the perfect property?

JS: I think if people have pride in their home it shows. Even ugly houses can be charming if someone loves them.

CB: What’s the up and coming area on the Shore that you think people should look to buy into?

JS: I’ve noticed a lot interest in the Birkenhead area with some very hip, cool looking people, which would suggest something is stirring in that neck of the woods. Also the energy in redeveloping Takapuna at the moment is pretty exciting. 

CB: Any advice for people looking to get into the property market this year?

JS: Just do it. I was pretty anxious about buying my home but after time you look back and just think ‘Thank Christ we got it!'.

CB: Do you have any mentors or industry people who you look up to?

JS: My mother is a very successful agent who I started working for when I was a teenager. She has been a very strict but very generous mentor.

CB: What skills do you need to be a great real estate agent?

JS: I think you have to like listening more than talking, have a strong eye for detail, and a very competitive streak.

CB: Any New Year's resolutions for 2016?

JS: Same as everyone else in the world: Get abs.

CB: What do you do outside of your day job for fun?

JS: I like going out for dinner with friends and having it turn into a party.

CB: If you could work in another industry for the day, what would it be and why?

JS: Most of my friends went to law school, so I had better choose the legal profession so I’ve got someone to eat my lunch with.

By Courtney Bennett

Channel Magazine: Issuu 62 February 2016

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