Crazy about cricket!
Bruce Warner

Crazy about cricket!
I Love My Sport: Bruce Warner

Bruce Warner is a self confessed cricket nut. He has always had a passion for the game and he spends much of his time devoted to the North Shore Cricket Club in Devonport, where he runs the junior division. Bruce tells Channel Magazine about his favourite sport and why locals should get involved.

Courtney Bennett: What is your role at NSCC?

Bruce Warner: Club Manager.

CB: How did you get involved?

BW: I was out of work in early 2005 and the role of Coaching Director came up, so I took it. The role has steadily expanded from there.

CB: What will 2016 bring for NSCC?

BW: Return to top division cricket I hope. We have been in 2nd division for four years and we are currently leading 2nd division.  This is our time I reckon.

CB: Who is your favourite cricket player (past or present) and why?

BW: Ian Botham (English all rounder). He always tried to win matches from any situation and made cricket more exciting. He inspired many others to play cricket too.

CB: Did you play the sport as a youngster and do you play currently? 

BW: Yes and yes. I started here at NSCC in 1974 and still occasionally play over 40s cricket.

CB: Why do you think sport is a positive thing for young people?

BW: Sport keeps kids busy doing good things; they make lifelong friends, keeps them active and they can learn valuable life lessons!

CB: Why would you encourage young kids to start cricket?

BW: Because it is a sport that if you get hooked on it, it becomes a marvellous part of your life. All my friends are cricketers, and all my doors have opened because of my passion for cricket.

CB: Do you play or follow any other sports?

BW: Yachting, rugby and tennis.

CB: If people are interested in starting cricket, what do they do and how do they contact the club?

BW: They ring me, on 021625233.

CB: Cricket is the best sport in the world because…

BW: It will teach you everything you need to know about life. Everything that happens to you in life has an equivalent cricketing situation! 

By Courtney Bennett

Channel Magazine: Issuu 62 February 2016

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